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End bead, cap, cord end hunt!

Hello All.

I am looking for a half drilled, end bead or cord end with a 1.5mm hole. Probably, but not necessarily a silver colour, no bigger than 4 or 5mm in length or circumference.

Such things are often found used on "memory Wire’, but these usually have a 1mm hole. I’ve searched high and low for hours on end without luck. Any secret suppliers that anyone knows of? I would be looking for a good quantity. Much appreciated.

Many thanks

I’ve checked all my usual suppliers and its either 1 or 2 mm size hole (or much bigger meant for kumihimo). You might have to get busy with a bead reamer (or 1.5mm drill bit) to make the holes bigger on the 1mm option.
Sorry not better news

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Thank you for your efforts Sasha.

I know someone makes them, a few weeks back I bought 10 or so from an ebay seller, simple gold and silver 3mm dia, end caps, 1.5mm hole. I went back for more to discover they’ve sold out and are not restocking. They wouldn’t tell me where they had found them. So, I’ll keep looking and consider the reamer. Although holding a 3mm bead while drilling or reaming is tricky enough, doing it 100 times… !