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Eurovision tonight

(Minerva) #1

Anyone watching Eurovision tonight? It’s good to see that this competition is shaping up to be a more decent music competition the last few years. Anyone have favorites for this year?

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I didn’t know it was on. It’s not something I would watch, but I hope you enjoy it!

(Silverspiral) #3

Hiya, I used to love to watch it years ago, see all the fancy clothes and funny hair do’s, but then it stated to get to political, now i record it so i can fast forward, skip and even have a laugh, lets face it the last few years getting any where near the top 5 has been light years away, shame it’s like that really x

(by John) #4

I’m not watching it, but I know it’s on. From what I’ve heard we might stand a chance of top ten this year!!

(Janet Walker) #5

Hi Minerva,

I watched the beginning of it, where they where introducing them. I did not watch all but most of them sounded ok for a change. I was not keen on the uk song but at lease her voice was good.

I missed the end so dont know who won, may check on the internet.

Which countries songs did you like?
Blessings Janet

(Yvette ) #6

I watched it, very surprised with the winning country - as they said on the news"a drag act with a beard won"
Great to see we came 17th.

(Minerva) #7

I also like the clothes, the singing and performances. I liked almost all songs this year, but the voting continues to be based on relationship with other countries, neighbors, traditions, politics etc. It is so predictable. The best songs can get ignored but a lot of them do very well afterwards. Oh well…it’s good fun once a year.

Austria was the favorite to win from start, so no surprises there.