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Facebook sign in being updated

(Doug Livesey) #1

Hello – there’s more information here but as a quick heads-up, we’re currently making some updates to the Facebook sign-in component.
There’s a note on the sign-in page telling people about it and about how to log in alternatively until we’ve got the component up and running again.
Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime,

(junemccabe) #2

Hi, I’ve got two shops, I can get into one ,ArtPapercraftNotebooksandCards,via google, but can’t get into the other one, Willowgifts, at all! I’ve tried changing my password etc, but can’t get into Willowgifts! Can you help? Thanks June McCabe.

(Doug Livesey) #3

Hello – sorry that took a while but it’s fixed now.
We ended up having to rewrite the whole FB sign in work, sorry.
Thanks so much for your patience whilst we fixed that.

(Tanith Rouse) #4

Hi I can’t seem to sign in via the Facebook tab anymore, when you click on it nothing happens, so I’m having to put my username and password in several times a day. I’ve tried ticking the “remember me” box but it never seems to remember me. Am a doing something wrong?