Gift ideas for Girls!

Kitty key rings!


I’ve got a great winter scarf!

Girls love earrings…earring need organising…How about a jewellery/earring storage bowl?

Or a trinket bowl for rings and earrings…

These leather Butterfly bracelets have been very popular with girls of all ages, and a bracelet for the girl who loves horses

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Can’t go wrong with earrings…

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Older girls and teens might like this idea.

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A couple of suggestions

I have a few gift items for girlies…

I have 3 types of hair clip tidies - a great way to organise and store hair accessories and can be loaded up with hair slides to make an even more dazzling gift

Don’t forget the younger girls!
Maybe they would like new clothes for their dollies at Christmas. I sew a wide range of dolls clothes in sizes for most popular makes of dolls. Please take a look

We have some pretty pink earrings

Pocket mirrors…

as well as gemstone and suede necklaces:

I’ve got lots of suitable items!