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Gift ideas for Girls!

We’re looking for suggestions for presents for girls – from babies to teenagers!

Please submit your suggestions with a link to the item. Remember, you can suggest items from other people’s shops as well as your own.

I have a few things - for tweens and teens x

Copper pinecone necklace

I have lots of silver jewellery for girls that like something a bit different. How about this chunky looking necklace for the teens

I did a Craft Fair recently and found the Matilda items, such as this Kindle Case, were really popular with girls . . .

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These would fit a teenager


These modern felt necklaces are great for teenagers

and these garlands make lovely decorations for a girls bedroom

A pretty butterfly necklace in a lovely rose pink


I have a couple of things that could fit the bill…

and Gertie the Seal - for girls who love swimming or who live by the sea!

with best wishes, Emma


This bag would be great for school

Or we have this funky pom pom scarf


Doesn’t every girl need her favourite mug for when she needs 10 minutes to herself.

I have a couple of things…

Flower hair clips…

A set of bows, perfect for twins…

Lots of my little purses and accessories would fit the bill
Valerie x

These wheatbags are lovely on these cold nights and available with or without lavender.

Here is one of my lavender bunnies for girls

Dolls house artwork