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Gifts for Men and Boys

Please show us all your items that would make lovely gifts for the men in your life, whether young or old.

Here is mine, a red jasper and mahogany obsidian necklace

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Waistcoat for boys

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Not sure if this is wonderful or just plain weird :rofl:


Some lovely Swarovski button cufflinks

Cosy and stylish tweed snood.

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Biker Joe and Thistle

Biker Bear, Mohair Artist Bear, One of a kind C... - Folksy


Golden shadow crystal cufflinks

Hello guys I hope you all are doing well,
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A warm tweed scarf for the season
Tweed scarf, Patchwork scarf, Warm blue wrap, W... - Folksy

A jasper beaded necklace

Naturally dyed felt pocket moon (love token, comfort pebble or hug) for the astronomer in your life

Crocheted neck tie perhaps!

Or fossil collection

Or crocheted hat,

Or a gemstone keyring,

Lots of gifts for men and boys in my shop.

Natalie x

A coconut shell and jade beaded necklace

A pair of cufflinks