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Gifts under £5

I have a few too…

These are £5

Most of my Christmas themed soaps are £4, here is just one

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I have these pocket tissue holders in traditional and modern fabrics

and a selection of these travel mug cosies.

Can’t believe I can’t find a home for my sweet little baby dragon …

I have these cute stud earrings for just £4 :blush:


I have quite a few items under £5.
Here is a small selection.

My little, illustrated books…

and badges:

and lots more…

I have a few small prints at £4.50

I have a whole section in my shop with bits and bobs for under £5…!

This kind of thing…

OK, I’ll stop now, I promise :wink:

Jane x

Deer tote bag £5

Purses, tissue holders and felt corsages all at £5 or less

Lesley :smiley:

Just a couple of the things I have on offer for under £5 :slight_smile:
This is £4.00 and there are lots of different ones. I hang at least four on my wall together and it looks really good!! Anice Xmas pressie :smile:

Hello OhButtonMe,

I have pocket mirrors backed in beautiful Liberty fabric.

Hi, I have lots of lovely oilcloth make up bags that are £4.99

or I have tissue holders for £3.99 I’ve got lots of items for £5 or less, so many in fact I can’t list them all so why not take a look? Thanks so much for your post! Kindest Regards
PS we also do special requests so if you have friends that like particular colours or styles get in touch & I’ll see what we can do.