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Good Wednesday Morning 5/8

Yay - work finished. Not back again until a week on Monday :). Well strictly speaking I am working this Monday coming as I have an all day 1st aid course but I don’t count that.

Think I am going to take my dogs for a walk, relax this afternoon and maybe get the house in order so that tomorrow I can have a day playing with wool!

Cannot find you Kam… maybe you can find me: TobisiaLilThing - had to cut one letter cause name was too long :slight_smile:

Hi Donna @RedDragonDesigns :wave:
Glad you have time home today to catch up with your orders etc and I hope you’re Daughter is doing well. :two_hearts:

I’m sure you’ll accomplish something beautiful today Gemma @AvenueFurnishings, love all you’re handmades!

Love it Sasha @SashaGarrett! I think those 2 colours are lovely together and now you have me wondering what it will look like if it’s oxidised black!! Thanks for posting the photo for me. x

Hope you have an easy day Kam @handsandfeetdesigns with the little ones. How old is your Daughter?

I’ll have a look at you’re new Halloween bracelet in a bit Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880. Good luck with the flat!

Monika @TobisiasLilThing, I have twitter too but I have no clue how to use it! If you can find me, @tagpressUK

Sasha and Roz
Both beautiful items

My day off. Woken up by builders, at 8:30 am to tell me they will be round at 1pm…thanks guys :frowning:
ah well, new ring in the works instead of a lie in.

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Gotcha Kelly @tagpress :slight_smile:

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OK - sat down to have a bit of a play and realised I have a table covered in “stuff” form various projects and am working on about one square inch of uncluttered space…think its time for a tidy!

Love the pendant btw Sasha @SashaGarrett

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Yay I managed to find time to make my raw silk scarf. I wish I had more of this fabric so I could keep one for myself lol

I haven’t worked out a price for it yet so wont be listing until I do.
Roz @rozcraft You just described my work room perfectly, I keep meaning to have a sort out. But whenever I start I’ll find a half made project of some fabric I’d forgotten about and start crafting instead lol :expressionless:
Donna x

Well I did it, finished, photod and listed, so here it is!

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Now you’ve just got to finish that cardi… :wink:

mmmmmmm, but the truth is I dont like it any more! so need to finish it and sell it. But I also want to knit some more stuff for the shop, I like the things I knit for the shop…and I bought some more wool…so to reap any profit I need to do more for the shop…
But as any seasoned procrastinator will tell you, a cuppa tea first, then this eve before GBBO, i will look at my options.
Suzzie x

It’s been a full day already for me. I’ve done my grocery shopping, enjoyed some sunshine, finished some knitting…and now having some coffee while watching Swimming for the World Championships. Anyone following that?

Well done Suzzie, @thistledownandHOPE love the hottie cover…and the scarf Donna @RedDragonDesigns.

Think the time is approaching when I need to seriously consider my prices and decide what items are viable as far as cost/time/price is concerned. I know for lots of my things I am working at well below the minimum wage, trouble is I so enjoy making and need to sell in order to buy more goodies and make space so its a difficult one.

Despite saying I would be getting the house in order i spent this afternoon playing with some christmas ideas. This being one of them. Apologies for dreadful photography - will take better before I list it! Think I might change the beaded sections so they are all the same.

That might almost tempt me to bother with Christmas decorations - how long is it/ would it be?

:slight_smile: That one is about 1.8m long but could be any length really - I could just add/remove sections. Not really sure what the optimum length would be - something else to think about! @SashaGarrett

I was thinking across the front of my stall at indoor christmas events (stall is normally 6ft so would want a bit longer than that so that you can get swags) and then down my bannisters/ stairs to make the hall a little bit festive when its not on a stall.

Just had a play and measure - I think to have it 6ft (180cm) long (with swags) you would need something about 210cm - probably about one extra section. I am going to be making a few variations over the next couple of weeks, if you like I will let you know when I list them and then you could decide if you wanted one and if so what type. Might have had a chance to work out a price by then too!

Remind me when you’ve got it all sorted and I’ll have a look through all the variations to see which will work best with my stall.

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I’ve just found you…hmm I’m not sure why I can’t be found!