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Good Wednesday Morning 5/8

Woke this morning at 5.30am with a neighbour just sat in his driveway revving away at his motorbike which I assume was for the fun of it since it went on for a good 35 minutes then he drove off?!

I’m starting to work on my shop early this morning as I didn’t get chance again yesterday, the joys of packing. I’ll be glad when it’s all done.

Hope today is a happy one for you all whatever you’re doing! x

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Well here is the result - won’t be making another one for a while as it was very time consuming but once started I decided to finish it!


Gorgeous scarf Roz.

Morning everyone :smile:
I will be doing a little shopping with my daughter later and she is treating us to Coffee and cake, yay!

LR x

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Morning ladies,

Kelly @tagpress - I didn’t know my neighbour had moved :smile:One of ours does the exact same thing, usually first thing on a Sunday morning :rage:

Roz @Rozcraftz That is a seriously gorgeous scarf. I know what you mean about the time though: I made a beautiful necklace a while back that took several hours to complete: lovely, but …

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A quick scan of the front page when I signed in this morning turned up @Rozcraftz new scarf and @KBCreations bag! Well done ladies.

Roz @Rozcraftz saw the scarf on newly listed and thought it looked the best scarf you have made, it looks a million dollars and reflects all the extra time and effort, bet you sell that in the next day or so. Beautiful
Kelly @tagpress maybe that was his goodbye to you, maybe he is so choked at you leaving, he can’t put it into words and only knows how to communicate in revs!
I AM going to list my new hottie today! Today is going to be a very productive day, slept well and am roaring to go. Hope everyone else makes it to the end of their to do list too.
Suzzie x

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Absolutely gorgeous scarf Roz @Rozcraftz, beautiful detail and I’m sure it will sell! I read you have 10 days holiday off after today, bliss!

Enjoy you’re outing with you’re Daughter @LynnroseDesigns, and the cake & coffee too! :grin:

Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery lol. It’s so annoying, I couldn’t do that to anyone! Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE, you’re hilarious! If that was a goodbye then good riddance. You watch, i’ll end up now with a bunch of bikers as neighbours lol. :expressionless:

Glad you’ve woke feeling great today Suzzie. :smile:

Morning Sasha @SashaGarrett. Will there be a photo at any point today? x :laughing:

Good morning everyone…off to work in a minute so just a quick post.
My next door neighbour has a noisy motorbike too…and seems to enjoy making as much noise with it as possible early in the morning, so I know how you feel.
Thanks @SashaGarrett, it’s nice to know that I have appeared on the front page!..I can only hope it may lead to a sale or 2!!

Have a great day everyone…


Morning all!

Beautiful scarf Roz!!!

My today - some house works plus bit of beading I hope :slight_smile:

Good morning,
I actually have a day at home today :slight_smile: So I’ll be catching up on orders, doing some house work and maybe I’ll even have some time to make something :slight_smile: I found an off-cut of lovely raw silk when I was sorting out last night, so I’m going to see if there’s enough there to make a cosy winter scarf.
Kelly @tagpress How is the packing going? I bed you’ll be glad to get away from your noisy neighbour!
lol Suzzie, @thistledownandHOPE That made me chuckle, have we women been missing this all these years and that really is how men communicate? With revs, speeding and general noise? :grin:
Roz @rozcraft, I love the new scarf :slight_smile:
Donna x

Morning everyone.
I’ve got the whole day to make things today…bliss. I just can’t decide where to start, just got into the office! Having a coffee, pastry and a quick chat to you and then I’ll crack on.

Pretty pleased with myself as I finally sorted out my Facebook page last night. I think I was over complicating things, trying to work out what to put on there. So last night I just started sticking on some photos and published my page. I don’t know why I find these things such a big deal, once I’ve clicked the button it’s so easy!

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

P.S I sympathise about noisy neighbours, we’ve got a renovation project going on next door and we live in a Victorian terrace! :weary:

@tagpress work so far…

I’m not happy with the polish - getting into the nooks and crannies is hard - so I might oxidise it to black and then polish up the raised wire work.

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Anyone with noisy neighbours should move to my bit of Cambridge - very hard to noisily rev a push bike and somehow it’s hard to begrudge a kid the fun of sitting on their bike going ‘vroom vroom’. We occasionally get big planes landing at Marshall’s (modern and vintage bombers, red arrows squadron, vulcan which was very cool) and I did have to listen to the folk festival at the weekend (we all walked 500 miles with the proclaimers) but its wonderfully quiet most of the time…

Love it! x

Good morning everyone! I am looking after a friends little boy as well as my little girl in our flat this morning! Eeek - I don’t quite know why I agreed to it! :confused:

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Sounds lovely! I hope you have a good day :smile:

Hi everyone
Roz @rozcraftz of really do love that scarf. It’s so pretty.

And sasha @SashaGarrett I’m loving the pendant so beautiful.

I am up to see my mother in law today. It was her birthday on Monday bit she was busy so we planed to see.her today.
I’m also planning on making some new bits but I have a. Lovely Halloween bracelet to take photos of.

And hopefully I’ll hear from the lady who wants to swap flats with me. Keep everything crossed.

Oki, house work almost done :slight_smile: No beading… I was papercrafting :slight_smile: Xmas tags :slight_smile: Better to have some :slight_smile: And I open account on Twitter - what I should do now??? How to find you there girls?

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I have two sleeping babies at the moment, which is fab :slight_smile:
Find me @HandFDesigns :smiley: x