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Grey rice pearls needed 6x4mm

Can anyone help?
I need to buy a pair of lightish grey freshwater rice pearls measuring 6x4mm.
See pics of what I need.

I need them fairly quickly for a commission, so need to source them within the UK.
Do you have a pair in your stash you could part with, or know of a shop that sells them?

I have had 2 attempts to buy online, but they have arrived either the wrong size or too lavender. :frowning:

Thanks -Fingers crossed x

I think I have what you need - let me take a quick photo.

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the bit of fordite is just there for me to judge if there was a colour cast or not and to stop the camera getting confused. Some of them are a bit undersize but I’ll happily pick you out a pair of matched bigger ones if you’re happy with the colour.

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Thanks for taking the time Sasha, they look great, ideally 6mm long and about 4mm wide, and bluey grey like the 3rd one along (rather than the more peachy looking one next to it) would be ideal.
Message me your email and what your would like for them and I will do a Paypal tranfer.
Thanks so much .

They’ve just gone in the mail box and should be with you tomorrow. Fingers crossed they’re suitable.

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Thanks so much, fingers crossed x