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Handmade Patchwork Quilts & Pillows

I have no photo to post here because I haven’t made one in a good few years although it wouldn’t count as I made patchwork throws, however, I’d be extremely grateful for anyone to post their patchwork masterpieces! It can be pillows too.

I really do love patchwork and seeing two wonderland { = wonderful} lol :blush: quilts in posts tonight gave me the idea for this thread. Post away. x

Hi Kelly, I have a few cushions and pin cushions x

I made this for my hairdresser from her son’s babygro’s

I have a number of patchwork pieces left in my shop but have sold my patchwork quilts.

here is a pin cushion

And here are some patchwork coasters

and a table runner

A patchwork covered diary.