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Happy Groundhog Day 11/8!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1

Hello everyone, yesterday I looked at the date in the corner of my computer and added a day! So we repeat the date today! For some of us we could do with an extra 24hrs just to catch up with ourselves, every mistake has a silver lining.
Whilst this month is slow, I still find it hard to knuckle down and work, I seem to be so much more productive when I have a deadline, who else is distracted by the garden / sunshine / friends, lovely as they are?
Suzzie x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

Hi suzzie
I am very distracted at the moment.
I seem to be looking after my nephews more than seeing my OH and I live with him.
I have sister I need a break. Plus I would like to finish some of my Xmas decoration sets
And I need to.finish my mum’s birthday present. I’m making her a glasses chain thing.

I have also been flat hunting and waiting for a date for surgery so lots going on to put me off at the moment.
I’m hoping today.whizzes by as I’m really tired.
Hope you all have a good day

(sejleather) #3

Oh yes, I get distracted by the garden and the dry, sunny weather …

I definitely achieve more when I’m under presssure … otherwise I tend to put off until tomorrow …

Have a lovely day everyone


Good morning :slight_smile: I’m actually lying in bed drinking tithe cup of tea oh made me before he went to work at the mo. I should be embroidering custom orders from eBay, making some batches of perfume I’m running low on and starting the Christmas listings. But like you suzzie I work better with a deadline :expressionless:
Dawn, you really sound like you need a rest. Tell your sister you’re taking some time off to prepare for your surgery… And the switch your phone off :grin:
Right I’d better get up and do this embroidery before my workroom turned into an oven.
Donna x

(Rhiannon Rose) #5

Good morning everyone!

I find it very hard to work without a deadline, particularly as this is my holiday from my “real” job. I also find it very difficult to prioritize my work - I’m torn between wanting to load up my Folksy shop because realistically the more listings the more chance to make a sale, and adding to my other shop where I already make sales. Any thoughts on that one are welcome!
I also have to fit in a lot of family stuff: tomorrow I have a 280 mile round trip to visit my parents, and then at the weekend a shorter trip to visit my eldest son. I get exhausted just thinking about it!

(CopperTobi) #6

I’m working on custom order plus preparing for Halloween and Xmas :slight_smile: I know from experience that August is rather quiet month…

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #7

I have officially told my sister I need a break.
Think she had a shock.
Donna @RedDragonDesigns nooooooo not my phone. Turn it off :*)
I will put it on silent so if I don’t see it go off its not :smiley:
In alhonesty I find being on here and listing quite relaxing. Is that weird?
It’s everything else I find stressful and tiring mostly because it revolves around my sister and
I may tell her I can’t look after them anymore after my surgery.
As I’m finding she does take the micky. And if I don’t help she throws the biggest hissy fit ever.
It’s very hard to keep her in a good mood and on your side.


I feel your pain Dawn! I haven’t spoken to my sister for nearly 10 years! That’s more to do with us being totally different people though. She’s a solicitor and lives a completely different lifestyle to me and the fact she’s all the way up in Leeds doesn’t really help :pensive:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #9

It’s funny. My sister says I’m her best friend but I find her such hard work.
She hates everything about me. I get told the crafting is a waste of money and time.
I get told to wear make-up, get better clothes, move round here were she lives. Ect Ect. It goes on and on.
Seriously if it wasn’t for my nephews I don’t think I’d be that close to her.
That sounds terrible.
But she really cheeses me off.

(Rhiannon Rose) #10

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 I know exactly what you mean - families are the biggest pain going. I’m glad sometimes that our closest relative is 80 odd miles away. My OH doesn’t speak to his family at all (they had a massive bust up some years back), and I have a brother in the US that I haven’t seen or spoken to for 10 years now.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #11

It’s crazy how families work. Or don’t should I say.

(Sasha Garrett) #12

@RhiannonRoseJewellery I’m still not convinced that having more listings does equate to more sales especially in congested sections like jewellery. A quick search turned up 400-500 listings each for ‘agate earrings’, ‘amethyst earrings’ and a whopping 4500 listings for ‘glass earrings’ - is adding a few more items really going to increase exposure? I think for the jewellery section that the quality of the photos/ description/ tags makes a bigger difference to sales than number of items as it is the tag that will allow people to find your items and the photos/ description that are actually going to persuade people to part with their money. I achieved my sale on the other side with a shop that had only 8 items in it and I had done no promo for it - not what you would call a well stocked or well known shop.


Lol she sounds very much like my sister. :slight_smile:
She always thought I was a waste of time. But not everyone is cut out for formal education and take a little longer to discover what they want to do with their life :smiley:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #14

Yep everyone is different. And I’m very pleased of that.
Think my OH is very pleased of that too.
He finds it really hard Cos he gets sooooo angry. To the point now he wont come to any family events. Cos he knows my sister will be there and is scared of what he will say.

(Rhiannon Rose) #15

I agree with you in principle Sasha @SashaGarrett about the number of listings as in 100 times the listings will not equate to 100 times the sales. But, equally, the more listings you have, the more tags you have and the more choices for people to buy (as in a wider range of goods). So whilst I don’t think that more listings in itself will generate more sales, I do think that having a greater variety might do!

(Roz) #16

Oh Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 and Donna @RedDragonDesigns - such a shame about your sisters. My sister and I are very different - she is a dentist and earns loads and spends as fast as she earns while I am very careful with my money. Her kids have designer everything and mine often get charity shop cast offs! She has always been the party girl, drinks and spends loads on clothes and make up while I prefer a quiet night in in my jimjams with a cup of hot chocolate!..Having said all that we are the best of friends and would do anything for each other and would drop everything if the other one needed something. After my children she is my number one priority in my life and I suspect I would be fairly high up her list too (although she has more children and a husband who may beat me to the top!)

Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery I agree with you and I think if you have more than one time the same or very similar it is worth trying to use different tags on each item in the hope that they may be picked up. If you find the ultimate solution to generating more sales let me know - the sales fairy is struggling to find me at the moment.

I am currently trying to work out the solution to a shop dilemma at the moment. I have always hated my shop name (chosen on the spur of the moment when I was booking a craft fair and they needed a name!) I kept it going while I was doing a lot of varied crafts as it encompassed all types. However, now I am dedicated to felting I would like to rebrand and change my name. I was thinking maybe something like Orchard Felts (Orchard was my maiden name and having recently parted from my husband I thought it was rather apt!). Trouble is I can’t decide whether to bite the bullet and do it now while things are quiet or wait until after Christmas.

(Susannah Ayre) #17

I like Orchard Felts. It sounds nice, explains what you do but doesn’t describe the style- meaning within the felt world you’d be free to create whatever.
Now may be a good time- start establishing it before the Christmas sales period rather than after when new customers will know you by your old shop name.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #18

Well I achieved absolutely zero today, so having a large glass of red wine and a home made curry to round the day off nicely!!
Tomorrow is another day, and so it can all wait.
Hope my lackadaisical attitude to shop stock dosnt catch me out later in the month when I cant keep up with shop sales and demand!!! Stop daydreaming girl and get on with knitting, mmmmm one more sip!!!
Suzzie x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #19

There is no harm in dreaming suzzie @thistledownandHOPE
I have the stock pile of items just never.get round to getting decent photos.
Sunshine were have you gone.
I’m very soggy sitting on the bus home.from my sister’s.
I’ll be very happy to get home and into pj’s I think.
I’m planning on getting all my beads out as well as I’m having withdrawal symptoms from being crafty.
But one good thing it.looks like we have someone else interested in our flat yay.