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"I love you to the moon and back" has now been trademarked

(PJ1956) #62

I was birn in 1979 and when i was about 4yrs old my mother read me some book with that saying in it.I do not remember the name of the book.But this memory is very vivid as my mom would always finish the book by saying i love you and when i responded i love you too she would say how much? And i would say to the moon and back and we would both giggle.Over the years I would sometimes remember that and suddenly in the past few years I have seen it everywhere.My mom has since passed away so it chokes me up seeing it sometimes.But yes, there was indeed a book with that phrase it way before whatever is popular now.

(Samantha Stanley) #63

I wonder if the unorthodox version has been copyrighted too? :joy::joy::joy:

Sam x


It’s a bit strange as the wording in the book is
" I love you right up to the moon…and back", so I love you to the moon and back isn’t the same!! Everyone I know says the second!!

(Paula Rayson) #65

Saw it on Valentines cards in Tesco yesterday, no mention of copyright on the back

(Carrie ) #66

Am I alone in thinking no-one should ‘own’ words put in a certain order and be excluding everyone else in the world from using them? Crazy capitalist world we live in. Yes, I know I’m trying to make money from my craft but I’m not trying to stop anyone else from burning flowers and birds and insects onto bits of wood - try it people, it’s fun!

(Thedotterypotter) #67

My comment here is not useful or even relevant to this thread in any way but I just thought I would mention that I really dislike the phrase “Love you lots, like Jellytots” I don’t think anyone is making work with that phrase on though - lol!
It just reminds me of a Mummy/ Daughter duo when I used to take my boys to primary school and they used to do this little performance every morning at the school gate! It could have been sweet but Mummy always made sure other Mummy’s could hear her little darling’s declaration of love - it was just a bit smug!

“Love you to the Moon and back though” - like others, I was sure it had been around forever! I don’t remember reading this book with my boys though but I had noticed a huge amount of work using this phrase. I’m sure I’ve still seen some recently, so people must still be unaware of the trademark or maybe they don’t care! It does seem a little bit odd that they can trademark something that they didn’t actually write - just something similar!

(Carrie ) #68

I’m with you on the smug parent scenario! Ewww…!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #69

If you were a writer you would have a different opinion on that :slight_smile: It takes hard work to write prose or poetry or song lyrics - even advertising phrases - why would it be fair that someone could work at that but have everyone else make a profit from it? It’s no different to designing a character, or a logo - it’s still someone’s brain child. And writing isn’t as easy as people thing - if it was, no-one else would want to be cashing in all of the time by using other peoples’ words.

However, so far as ‘I Love You to the Moon & Back’ goes - I was surprised when it was trademarked, as it wasn’t created by the people trademarking, with many people saying they had commonly used the phrase many years before the book was published. However, it has been trademarked, so we have to abide by the law so far as using the phrase goes.

(Zoe Fowler) #70

@HelenSmith there is no longer copyright on the song Happy Birthday’. It is now in the public domain so everyone can sing it ‘to their heart’s content’, but not me with my singing voice☺

(CraftyMountainAngel) #71

How about “I love you to the Earth’s Natural Satellite…and Back”?
Or there are lots of other planets, constellations and ‘moons’.
Personally I think the phrase has been a little overused.