Ideas for housewarming gifts and cards please!

We’re currently working on a new guide for Housewarming Gifts. If you have any suggestions please post them here with a link.

We’re looking for great ideas plus great product shots that:

  • are in focus
  • crop to fill the whole square view
  • don’t have filters or frames
  • don’t have distracting watermarks

If you need help with your product shots, have a look on the Folksy blog in our product photography tips section.

Thank you!

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Lots in my shop for housewarming gifts!


Handmade card for new home…


A signed limited edition print of an original artwork makes a lovely house warming gift.

“This abstract artwork was inspired by the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem Pied Beauty. Hopkins wrote “Glory be to God for dappled things”, which brings to mind the sunlight streaming through the trees. I created this piece from ink and brusho pigments following a late Spring walk in a bluebell wood.”

Link to folksy page


Radiators make for excellent house warming!
I have a few of my own and it really is jolly toasty here as a result. Hope this helps

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ooh I have some great woolly homely gifts

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Keyring for new home keys:


I have some hand knitted cushion covers- this is the latest,

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I think a tea cosie would be perfect, a pot to share with new neighbours,


The best house warming gift is a bottle of something alcoholic but no one seems to sell those on here so how about

to keep them warm until they have sorted out the vagaries of the heating system/ remembered where they packed the duvet…


Ooo perfect theme (I’m moving house on Monday!!) :blush:

I personally love original art- not just because I make it but because I think it makes a home a lot more personal & interesting. I also try & keep my artwork affordable as I believe everyone should be able to own a piece should they want.

How about something like the Shoal of Herring currently in my shop,

Or how about something even more affordable? A hermit crab literally carries his home on his back. :blush:


A pot plant that never needs watering?!

Original limited edition linocut print - supplied in a cream mount.

Something for the new garden?

A few ideas at different prices

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Any of my coasters:

or artworks (original or prints):