Folksy Ltd

Image issues

We’re having a few issues with images on Folksy this morning. Sorry everyone. We’re working on fixing it urgently.


Thought you’d be all over it, happy fixing, and in the meantime I’ll have my cuppa tea, want one?!! xx

Hello – they’re back up, now, and there’s a status blog post about it here.
The TL;DR is that our image service host, Amazon, are having some internal issues that had an effect on our image service. They’ve got it working again in our case but were not able to give me more information about the issues until they’ve investigated them thoroughly, I guess.
I’m currently working on an alternative that I can deploy relatively quickly in case the same thing happens again. They didn’t say that was likely, but it’s as well to be covered.
I’m really sorry about the outage and for what it’s worth, their engineer sounded very sorry, too.
Thank you so much for bearing with us!