Interested in hosting workshops?

Hi there folks (excuse the pun),

I run a platform that lets anyone teach new skills. We believe people have lost touch with traditional crafts and the confidence to create.

If you’re interested in hosting (or joining a workshop!) check it out here:

Looking forward for your submissions!


I will have a good look at that, Thanks

Somewhat puzzled by this. IN = India. Google has no info except the website itself which in all areas is exceedingly vague.
Sorry I won’t be booking and decidedly tempted to report it as spam.

So as I run workshops and was curious I went and had a look, it’s a place to advertise your craft workshops (or book into one) and they take 15% but not sure of what - per booking maybe - all a bit vague and could be some sort of scam.

I’ll tag @folksycontent :slight_smile:

Hi Joy,

Thank you for your reply. I just wanted to clear a couple of things up.

First, we haven’t officially launched yet (hence my post here!), that’s why there’s no information on Google — we haven’t advertised it. We’re still looking for people interested in giving workshops and will be launching soon. Hope next time you hear about us is from a friend or the media.

Secondly, the domain is .in because our name is getdoin, and we just added a dot before the .in to make it easier to read and type. There’s no affiliation with India (we’re a UK company) — although if we had, I’m not sure that the issue would be and why that would be puzzling. We’re accepting of any shape, size, ethnicity, gender and orientation. All we care about is people teaching, learning and having fun.

Hope this clears it up,

Hi Sue,

Our commission is indeed per booking. Our job is to go out there and find you an audience to advertise your workshop to. Not sure why it’d come across as a scam, but it’ll take your feedback and try and improve the way we communicate.

As an example of the type of work we’re doing, we’re partnering with media publications to advertise people’s workshops. Here’s an example:

Really, our goal is to connect people interested in learning a craft, and people interested in teaching their craft.

Would appreciate any other feedback, this has already been a valuable learning experience.


Ok Ricardo that makes sense, good luck with your venture.
Just a little thing maybe you could tone down the bright yellow background it is a bit over powering.


Apologies for querying if your post is spam. We do get such posts on here which are. Having just returned from a visit to India I am very much aware that the .IN suffix is normally used to denote an Indian Domain as Co.UK donates United Kingdom. You were perhaps not aware of that when you chose your URL.

Why should an “Indian” based site not be too acceptable to Folksy folk. Simple reason. Folksy is British Handmade so obviously if your site were Indian it would be rather odd to be hosting workshops for any of us.

I did look at your webpage but as I said it was rather vague despite all the terms and conditions etc so was unable to see exactly what it was you were doing. Perhaps when you are up and running you will add clarity, actual names etc.
Joy xx