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June weekly listings and promotions 21st - 27th June 2015

(Sue Mellem) #1

Welcome to the June Weekly listings and promotions thread!

Everyone welcome – this is a special place to showcase your listings if you only list weekly or even monthly

Please feel free to join in – don’t feel that you have to ask or wait to be invited.

The aim is to list an item (or more or less!) each week and post it on this thread. Once you have posted your picture link then please promote the person above you and any others you wish to, using Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, facebook etc. For each listing you make you promote at least one other.

Please say how you have promoted the person above with your listing post- thank you

Most importantly we will support each other through positive comments and general chat- pop by when you can.

A new thread will be started for each week on a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Looking forward to sharing our listings!

Sue x

Pinterest Promotion Game - anyone fancy playing?
(Sue Mellem) #2

Hi Everyone

Longest day of the year today & the official start of summer!

A dainty necklace from me to start the week

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #3

Pinned onto my board - Fabulous Folksy finds.

(Jeanie Hansford) #4

Lovely sunflower listing to-day

(Sue Mellem) #5

Evening, just stopped by to catch up & pin to my usual board

Sharing some earrings to go with the earlier necklace

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #6

Added your lovely earrings to my Pinterest board and my listing for today is

(Jeanie Hansford) #7

Fluffy cat watercolour painting

(Jeanie Hansford) #8

new painting!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

I have now caught up on pining all your lovely items.

I have a new listing to day a large blue patchwork pin cushion

(Gill Wootton) #10

Finally listed something new

(Stephanie Short) #11

hiya all!

Apologises ive been awol for a few days, orders and just catching up on household stuff!! And ive to caught up yet, but will do :grinning:

Just spotted this on the stationery lovers gift guide, on the front page, not used to seeing my stuff in the gift guides!!

steph xx

(Suzzie Godfrey) #12

I have just listed this Grenadier Guard Soldier hottie, perfect for the little man in your life!

Stephanie your cards are fantastic, tweeting them as I reply!

(Claire Musgrove ) #13

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well.
Have been busy stocking up for a big fair next weekend…new items will have to wait!!
Green owl back in stock…

will be pinning as usual…
and posting…

Have a good weekend!!
Claire xx

(Sue Mellem) #14

Evening, just caught up.
Sorry I’ve been so absent this week, not too sure where the time has gone.
Busy with fairs coming up, have been out to a school fair this evening.

Well done on getting included in the gift guide Steph @stephshortstationery

A relist from me

(Stephanie Short) #15

Hiya all!

I’ve been a bit hit and miss this week aswell Sue @BeadstormJewellery just don’t know where the day goes!
Thanks for congrats😄

Thanks Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE very kind of you :heart_eyes:
Finally got these made yesterday

Cake anyone?? :wink:

Pop back later, steph x