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March 2016 .....What have you listed today

This pretty little flower hat. Just right for Spring.

Maureen x


This little premature baby cardigan from me
Di :slightly_smiling:

A new encaustic postcard painting :slight_smile:

Horse Chestnut Yarn Bowl and Whitebeam Pencil Pot
This functional and highly decorative yarn bowl is turned from beautifully figured and spalted horse chestnut. It is 208mm in diameter and stands 85mm tall. The ball of yarn stays in the bowl and the end feeds out of the stylish aperture so that the user can knit or crochet without constantly pausing to pull more yarn from the ball. After turning, the bowl was sanded smooth and finished with beeswax, ensuring that the wool feeds smoothly and does not catch on the wood. Spalting results from a form of fungus which often develops in horse chestnut and other woods after the tree has fallen over and is lying on the ground. Once the wood has been dried, however, the process is halted and the result is a beautiful natural, decorative effect which is entirely stable. One of nature’s little bonuses!

Pen, pencil or artist’s brush holder turned from delicately figured whitebeam (a deciduous tree whose wood was commonly used for cogs in the past). This chunky version stands 112mm tall and is 80mm in diameter. It is finished with beeswax and buffed to a soft sheen.


Loving these new stamps from Tim Holtz - perfect for cat lovers!

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A little gift set

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Two cushions I have listed today

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Some new earrings

Crocodile cuff mitts

An anniversary card.

New necklace today

A very pretty trinket bowl, delicate pinks with a yellow chrysanthemum