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Mothering Sunday

Now it’s more that my life is worth to give my Mum a card that says ‘Mothers’ Day’ - it absolutely has to be ‘Mothering Sunday’!

A search on Folksy found only one that fitted the bill:

(well done, Laura!).

Am I missing any other suitable cards?


My Mum is the same, it has to be Mothering Sunday.
Its harder to find cards with those sentiments on, and when I do, I am always really pleased with myself, BUT never remember where I bought it from and NEVER think to buy more than one, after all will she really notice that it is the same as last years?
Suzzie x

All my cards can be altered /personalised to say or message anything you want

These are all blank and flowers to keep…

All my cards can be personalised to order.

@debbiepatterson The Card Cottage

Can be altered to say
Mothering Sunday
A new Mother’s Day card from me