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Nat ins 2 payment slip

I need to pay my voluntary National Insurance 2 bill before the end of Jan but usually it comes with a pay slip so I can pay it via the bank.
I seem to have no pay slip.
What do you find is the easiest way to pay if you have no slip?

you go online and pay it - the link should be on the letter - i have just done it (i had no payslip either).
You can do this online even if you do not do your return online.
hope this helps,

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Ive just been reading on ways to pay, I could pay by direct debit…but that takes 21 days to set up!!!. I wonder why they didn’t send a payment slip,its inconvenient for them as well as me.

You can do a bank transfer, it is almost immediate.

I think they want everyone to do it online as part of their tax bill (even if your tax bill is zero), I paid mine online when I filed my tax return so they didn’t have to remind me. Here’s the details for paying by bank transfer if you are set up for online banking

Thanks ladies. The HMRC have received my money. Ive no idea if its in their class 2 Nat ins account but they have the money all the same.

Ive just looked in my bank account in view pending transactions

its says-

Authorised transactions that have been deducted from your
available funds. (then the amount)

and under that

Card Not Present, card ending ****

What does that mean??
I also printed out conformation emails saying HMRC have the money.

Should I phone HMRC and see whats going on?

Its ok peeps, its all gone through #phew

I paid my NI2 last week, today I get a letter asking for payment, with the bank payslip attached!!!