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NEW! Favourite and show an item from the shop above you

Continuing our thread which has been closed, I love these pretty starfish earrings…


Thanks for starting the new thread Christine. I love this little owl.


This pendant is adorable…dawn

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Looks like we posted at the same time Dawn! Love this card.

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Like these stylized carnations in this fabric of the purse

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This blanket is beautiful…dawn

Gorgeous card. I do love Brusho backgrounds!

Dawn @worldofcards thank you, but can I ask you to go back to the blanket and click the little white heart to favourite

beautiful butterfly brooch

Love this blanket. Think it is the combination of geometric and organic shapes and the combination of colours which appeals. Reminds me of something from an art gallery.


Liking copper at the moment :slight_smile:

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OOoh I love this lead hanger x

@DewDropCrafts I’m also a little bit jealous as I’d usually be walking Frank the dog on the Duver at this time but I’m too busy to make my usual trip to the Island :frowning:


Amazing & gorgeous card:

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Such a fun needle case.

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Love it! lovely shop :slight_smile:

thank you @feelfeltfound that’s very kind of you as it’s my representation of my walk in Virginia Waters park.

I love butterflies. This Small Tortoiseshell is stunning.

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A sweet cushion

Rather appropriate for the moment…

I love kiwis, they’re so cute!..