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Nursery Decor - show your items!

Let’s showcase all those gorgeous decorative pieces for the nursery - wall art, plaques and wall hangings, prints, cushions, ornaments, bunting, mobiles, you name it: anything that gives a lovely finishing touch to a baby’s room. :slight_smile:

A cute alphabet of animals print

A fabulous set of A4 giclee prints, with a wild animal theme - all at 50% discount!

My fairy print;

Perfect for a dinosaur themed nursery!

A sewing pattern to make Easter bunnies and eggs:

An original giraffe painting

A gorgeous keepsake for the nursery wall - this print features all the important details to celebrate the arrival of your new baby…

A personalised wall hanging for the nursery:

Crib blankets… super cute fabric, supersoft backing fleece… perfect for any nursery

I have several different Afghan shawl/blanket/wall hangings in my shop. How about these two?


A sweet personalised print, ideal for a nautical nursery!

This hand stitched wall art piece is great touch for a nursery

This would look lovely in a little boy’s nursery… :slight_smile:

Crocheted , gingham -effect blanket for nursery / cot bed / sofa throw etc…