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October-weekly-listings-and-promotions-19th October - 25th October 2014

(Steph Short Supplies) #1

Welcome to the October Weekly listings and promotions thread!

Everyone welcome – this is a special place to showcase your listings if you only list weekly or even monthly

Please feel free to join in – don’t feel that you have to ask or wait to be invited.

The aim is to list an item (or more or less!) each week and post it on this thread. Once you have posted your picture link then please promote the person above you and any others you wish to, using Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, facebook etc. For each listing you make you promote at least one other.

Please say how you have promoted the person above with your listing post- thank you

Most importantly we will support each other through positive comments and general chat- pop by when you can.

A new thread will be started for each week on a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Looking forward to sharing our listings!

(Steph Short Supplies) #2

Morning all!
Ready for another week?? Here we go!
Mine today some crafty Xmas shapes

Steph xx

(Stephanie Short) #3

Just popping back to show my new pack of xmas cards today!

steph xx

(Shirley Woosey) #4

Loved and pinned to my Christmas board on Pinterest.

A new Ipad Air case from me today

Shirley x

(Embroidery Scene) #5

Hello everyone. These weeks seem to come round very quick!
I love your Ipad case Shirley @WhimsyWooDesigns.
I have a cushion with an embroidered horse on today.
Will pop back later to pin.

(Sue Mellem) #6

Hi - my last day in Spain, heading home tomorrow :frowning:

Thanks for starting us off again this week Steph @stephshortstationery

Great items - all pinned to my usual board.
Love the iPad case Shirley @WhimsyWooDesigns - makes me feel summery

A re-list from me

Sue x

(Brenda Cumming) #7

another mini painting

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Morning everyone. I’ve pinned up to here.

I’ve listed the hat to day and will be listing the pattern at a later date.

Things not so good here as we’ve all been trying to take in daughters hospital results. She’s going blind.

(Claire Musgrove ) #9

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all have a great week!!
Lovely items everyone!!
Just a relist for me today…

off to post on FB

Claire xx

(Jeanie Hansford) #10

Brooch snowman

(Shirley Woosey) #11

Oh Eileen @EileensCraftStudio that is heart breaking news about your daughter. So sad.

Everything loved and I have pinned to various Pinterest boards

Thank for the butterfly love everyone. Here are are some more, this time a book cover.

Shirley x

(Stephanie Short) #12

Ah Eileen @EileensCraftStudio so so sorry to hear your distressing news about your daughter, my thoughts are genuinely with you and the rest of your family.
Has it happened suddenly?Try and Stay strong, easier said than done though for you all xx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

She’s been having problems for about a year with dreadful pains behind one eye. She’s had a few moment where she’s not been able to focus properly. She has also been finding it harder and harder to tell the difference with colours. This we all thought was very strange. Then she came home from a friends quite upset she’d got lost when driving due to a road closure, not knowing the area and finding she couldn’t read the signs until she was almost on top of them. So kept missing the turnings she required. Eye test resulted in new glasses less about 9 months after her last pair with a letter to her Doctor leading to months of on going tests at the local hospital.

(Laura Caldow) #15

HI All
Halloween is lurking ominously closer and here at “lacaldo Castle” things are getting spooky . Here’s our contribution to the festivities .

(Shirley Woosey) #16

Love the spooky earrings Laura @Lacaldo

I hope they will be able to find some treatment to help your daughter Eileen @EileensCraftStudio My thoughts are with you all.

Back to Harris Tweed today


(Steph Short Supplies) #17

Haven’t read through today’s but will do!

I have a New Crafting Pack!

steph xx

(Embroidery Scene) #18

Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is OK and not got blown away!!
I have a notebook for Labrador lovers today.
I will come back in a bit to have a look at everything and pin.

(Embroidery Scene) #19

Just came back to catch up on loving and pinning.
So sorry to hear about your daughter, Eileen @EileensCraftStudio

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

Thank you Shirley @WhimsyWooDesigns, Steph @StephShortSupplies jackqui @ embroideryscene for you kind thoughts.

Welcome to all the new people :smile:
Laura @Lacaldo you’ve not put a link but I went to your shop and found the ear rings.

I’ve pinned up to here

After just selling 4 copies of this one pattern overseas via a forum yesterday and this morning, I thought I’d better get on and list it.

(Sue Mellem) #21

Eileen @EileensCraftStudio I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter - can’t imagine what you are all going through.

Thinking of you all

Sue x