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Paypal a bit slow?

I sold something 2 days ago (on another site) and the buyer paid via paypal. I didn’t get the paypal notification at the time, but checked my account and the payment was there, so put it down to a glitch. Lo and behold, TODAY, I got the email from Paypal telling me I’d received the payment…2 DAYS LATER!!!

Anyone else noticed a delay lately?

I sold on Friday and found the paypal confirmation in my email account that day.

I know there are problems with the that USA site where people have intergrated their paypal account with their Direct Checkout process. It’s not working properly and customers paying via paypal their monies are not getting to the seller. I’ve just been reading up about it as a friend has a shop there and she keeps saying one more reason not to have a seller or a buyer over there.

I don’t have my accounts integrated Eileen @EileensCraftStudio, it’s still a normal, separate Paypal account, and I haven’t had any problems so far with receiving payments. The money was in my account immediately, it’s just the email that took 2 days to reach me.

i’ve had problems too - i can’t see my recent transactions - the page won’t load.

but it lets me do everything else - i can withdraw money for payments received from customers from PP to my bank account even though can’t check if money is there under the recent transactions section.

that’s strange. I just checked mine and it’s all ok mmmm wonder if it’s an intermittent problem or problem that’s developed within certain browsers.

Have you rung their customer help line they tend to be very helpful

I sold something on Friday and got the Folksy emails but the PayPal got to me just yesterday. Hopefully this is just temporary…

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve just had a similar problem - Folksy email saying item is paid for, but nothing showing up in my Paypal account. Any advice?