Product photography crits - put your product shots up for review!

Thanks for this, I will have a play around and see what I can do

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Could you guide me about my photography this is just example of one earing.

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Hi everyone, just wondering if someone could have a look at this listing and give me some feedback? I’m pretty confident with the other listings but I keep going back to this one and I’m not sure of it.

I love the second photo, but the first one I may swap the cup with something else

Hello, welcome to Folksy!

I did spot your shop when i checked the New Shops list the other day, and I have to say, I couldn’t tell what you were selling from the photo. I thought it was a heart-shaped soap, or ornament, or a glass pendant. I was also confused, because ‘face mask’ right now to most people I think means a ‘face covering’ … so you probably need to have an image that shows exectly what you sell. How about somone actually wearing the product?


I’m up for feedback on my product photos please. I look at other people’s and they look so sharp and beautiful and I feel mine don’t, any tips would be welcome, thank you

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Hi i would like to know if there is anything i can improve on this item.
Thank you

Hi everyone! Please can I get some feedback on these product shots? Are they too close up, should I take photos with other accessories in the background?

Okay, im not even sure if I am posting correctly, please could somebody review and suggest improvements to my photos please x

Hi Ann @GlassEgret
I use both Paint Shop Pro, and Adobe PhotoShop, and have used Paint Shop by using the Brightness and Contrast Filter to brighten your photo. I have also cropped it as well, to show up more… Hope that helps

@GlassEgret Your photo works as a starting point (and is similar to how some of my photos start) but ideally you want to do some more work on it with photo editing software to get the best out of it.

Like @thegreetingscardshop I’ve done an example of what I’d do with your photo. I’m using (a very old version of) Paint Shop Pro, but there are many different photo editors you can use, some which will cost and some which you can find free online. They’ll all be a little different in what they can do, and name their tools slightly differently, but hopefully most will do the important jobs. Because of that it can be good to just have a little play around on 2 or 3 that you can find online to see which you find easiest to use.

What I’ve done with the photo is:
*Use a cloning tool to get rid of all those bits at the edges that aren’t white (you can fix that at the photo taking stage by using a larger sheet of white as a background).
*Brighten the photo a little - I used the “lights” setting in PSP, but I don’t think that’s common in other photo editors, so brightness/contrast, gamma correction, levels or curves are all other ways you can brighten photos.
*Use the freehand selection tool or magic wand to select the background but not the items - this means you can carry on brightening the background to a clean white without altering the colour of the item (if you brighten that too much the colours can start looking unrealistic).
*Brighten brighten until the background is properly white.
*Once your background is white, you can make the image square by changing the canvas size without an obvious change in background colour. Having a square image means your item won’t get cropped in the thumbnails (or when you’re taking the photos you can just make sure you have enough background showing that you’ll be able to crop down to a square).
*Final step, because I resized the photo smaller as 3872 pixels is much bigger than needed, I also used the sharpen tool just to bring back some clarity.

I know that all probably sounds very complicated if you’re not used to using photo editors, but it’s hard to give a proper step by step guide without knowing exactly which editor you’ll be using. Hopefully it’ll at least give some ideas on what to try playing around with.


Wow Kim!!! @konyskiw - you are amazing. I just absolutely love how you have worked on the photo… (I am going to experiment in a moment)

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Aww thanks :grin:
The magic wand is my best friend when it comes to item photos, but unfortunately it only works when there’s a good colour difference between the item and the background. If there’s white on my paintings/cards I have to carefully select it all instead.

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I am experimenting again, with mine, and when I tilt my laptop flat I really can see what I’ve missed!!!

Slightly better Kim @konyskiw. Found the bit inbetween quite difficul. But I only used the Cloning Tool. Will have to experiment with the “Magic Wand”.
Your photo seemed sharper. Can I ask you how you achieved that? It’s good to know, because I am always willing to learn.


Yeah it gets a bit fiddly when there are tiny gaps or jagged edges (then you might decide to photograph with a little bit of distance between).
Hmm, I’m not sure why mine should look sharper though, I only used the sharpen tool once after resizing, and I don’t think any of the other adjustments should have affected it.

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That’s some great info there! Thank you for sharing. I use Snapseed on my android phone which is a free app, but don’t really know what I’m doing and my photos need work. So really appreciate those tips Kim.:blush:

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Thank you so much , its amazing how much my photo improves with just a few small changes I will certainly start to learn how to edit xxxx I feel more confident in showing my work now :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


Thank you for replying so quickly!, im very new to all this and your help really is appreciated, never thought to edit them, the colours really pop!, I will have to learn, thank you xxxx

Does anyone mind taking a look at mine? I worry my photos are too busy but at the same time people say it makes them stand out. Which is best?