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Thank you very much for including Sweetpea on your board x

Thank you very much for including my pincushion on your board x

@ThatCrochetLadyUK If you click where it says “Oct 2019” at the top of the scroll bar, it’ll go straight to the top of the thread. Scroll down to the 13th post and there’s a set of instructions there :slight_smile:

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If you go to your home page, scroll to the bottom and go into blog. Scroll down to advice for sellers and there is one for how to do a Folksy Friday. Good luck x

I got so caught up in making yesterday that I didn’t get round to doing a Folksy Friday at all. There’s some great selections here, I’ll make sure I do some commenting and :heart:ing over the weekend. xxx

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Thank you so much.
Will give it go …