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As we’re getting closer to Christmas, I thought it’d be good to get people thinking that Folksy is the place to do their gift shopping.

I decided I’d use Folksy Friday and the collage boards to make my own mini gift guides for social media, and it’d be great if more people join me over the next few months so we can spread the word and get lots of variety of different kinds of gifts.

So as an example, I’ve started with this… (I didn’t want to mention Christmas yet)

So you just pick who you’re aiming the gifts at (grandma, baby, dog lovers, gardeners… if you know your followers well you can target things they’re interested in), pick 8 items on Folksy that fit and make a collage. Then in your post don’t forget to credit each shop.

I use to make my collages, although I’m sure there’s others out there.

I used this Folksy logo for the centre square, so there’s space below to write your “gifts for…” (you can add text with the collage maker too).

Along with the FolksyFriday hashtag, I’ve also started #giftsonfolksy, so hopefully if everyone else uses it we can have a hashtag full of mini gift guides.

Anyone else want to join in spreading the Folksy love?


I love your board, I used to do a Folksy Friday every week and put it on my blog and twitter, I haven’t done one in a while so it’s about time I started again, it won’t be til after the weekend though :slight_smile:


Thanks! :grinning:

Yeah, I think I left posting it a bit late in the day for anyone else to join in today, but at least that means lots of time to get one ready for next week!

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I really love this idea

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Great idea, I’ll give it a try. I might need to get a quick workshop from my teenage daughter though, as only just getting to grips with Instagram :smile:

Teenagers are certainly useful for learning about social media! And if you’re not sure about how to make the collage, you could always get her to help you make a “gifts for teenagers” one with items she likes :joy:

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Nice board Kim @konyskiw! Great idea for the hashtags. Well done, I hope lots of Folksy folk join you.

Instagram is difficult for me as I don’t use a mobile device, but I try to promote Folksy as much as I can on my Facebook page. I always share the Theme of the Day if Folksy post about it. A share for Folksy is a share for us all, and I am always amazed how few shares these posts get.

Great idea Kim, pick her brains on two counts and maybe get ideas for her birthday next month! :grin::partying_face:

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@aneeya Hah, perfect timing for it!

@plumporridge Instagram is always where I see the most collage boards, but it should work on Facebook and Twitter too. In fact I think I’m going to have to do one for Twitter because there’s a lot of peacock love with a particular group of my Twitter followers…

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I have had a look at befunky, it seems so much easier to put together than Piccollage which I normally use, so I will try that in future. Although it all went pear shaped when I tried to add the text :laughing:, so I will have to keep practicing!

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@plumporridge, I’m the same, I don’t use IG, I only use my PC, :slight_smile: I do however have a blog, facebook and twitter :slight_smile:

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Would love to join in with this but haven’t got a clue where to start. Might just spend my lunch time checking out BeFunky :sweat_smile:

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I made this step by step guide for someone on the Facebook group, in case anyone needs it. Although I wrote the instructions from how I’d do it on my computer, so if you’re on another device things might be in a slightly different place. Let us know if you get stuck.

First, save the logo image on this post.
Decide who you’re targeting your collage at.
Search Folksy for items on that theme.
When you find an item you’d like to include, open the listing.
On the big listing image, right click and “save image as”.
Decide where to save it and if you want to rename the file (I saved them as the shop name so it was easy to remember whose item it was), then click save.
Make a note of the shop name
If you’ll be sharing on social media, you might want to open their main shop page, scroll to the bottom where it says “find shopname on social media”, and if they have a page on the social media you’ll be using, make a note of that username.

Once you’ve done this for 8 items, open
It should start with a 9 square grid by default, but if not, on the left hand side there’s a little menu. Click on the third icon down that is a 4 square grid (layouts), click “grid” and select the 9 square one.
Then on the left hand menu, click the first icon with mountains in a square (image manager).
Click the big green button that says “computer”.
Find where you saved your images (including the logo), and open them all.
Once they’re open, you should see their thumbnails down the left hand side.
Drag and drop your images into the grid squares in whatever order you like (you can also switch them around by dragging and dropping if you want to change the order later).
If an image wasn’t square, it might not have cropped in a good way, but you should be able to move it around a little so it’s showing the most important part, just keep the mouse button pressed down on the image and move up and down a little if it was a tall image, or left and right a little if it was a wide image.
If an item isn’t filling the square enough, you can also zoom in. Just click the image you want to zoom, click edit image and then increase the size until it’s a size you’re happy with.
Once you’ve got all images in an order you’re happy with, it’s time to add the text.
Click the last icon on the left hand menu, the A (text).
Click the green “add text” button and a text box will be added to your grid.
Drag this so it’s over the blank space on the logo image, and resize it to the space.
Click and write your “gifts for…” text.
If you look to the left there should now be a “text properties” menu. Here you can centre it and change the font, size, colour to however you like.
When you’re happy with your final grid, look along the top of the page and click “save” > “computer”.
Write the filename you want to use and click “save”, and it should open up the box so you can select where on your computer to save it, then click “save” again.

Now you need to get your collage on your social media, if you want to share on Instagram, this will mean getting the image to your phone. I normally email it to myself and open the email on my phone.
When you’re sharing it on social media, remember to include all the shop names in the comment, or if you made a note of the Instagram usernames, you can simply tag them.
Last step - don’t forget to use #folksyfriday and #giftsonfolksy… along with any other hashtags you like.


Thanks Kim @konyskiw I think I’ve done it. What do you think? I went with the Sunflowers as that was where I started. Now just need to add it to my social media :crazy_face:


That looks so good!

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@TreetopArt That looks great! Nice bit of sunshine to add to all these rainy days lately.

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That’s what I thought Kim and if I can do it anyone can :blush:

Here’s the board I have just put on my Fb page, I went with Hallowe’en too as it’s not a subject I would normally touch on, so something a bit different for me to try. I had to look up how to do hashtags on my Mac, I’ve written it down now so I’ll have it handy in future :grinning: ! ! I just need to go back and tag some pages now.


Yay success!!:partying_face:I have managed to post this onto Instagram and :crossed_fingers:t2: managed to tag everyone too. All without the assistance of a teenager!


I’m not too great at this neither but you have all inspired me to give it a go. I think i’m going to try a nature theme :smile: will pop back and let you all know how it goes. x