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I actually did my First Folksy Friday board this week, took me hours :smiley::joy::grin:uploaded all the pics I wanted then realised I didn’t have all of the names of the sellers as there were some I didn’t know, had to find the items again on Folksy, copy the names then try to find them on instagram. I’m hoping my next one will be much quicker…I also got sidetracked looking at pages of lovely hand embroidered items for sale. :blush:


I open Folksy on my phone and download pics and look for people’s usernames on there, then take notes on my iPad- otherwise I never get anywhere :joy:

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Takes forever doesn’t it…zi might have to start it a day early this week :joy::smiley: Catherine


I do mine on the desktop and have a zillion tabs open. When I save the photo I add the name of the shop to it. It does get a bit easier and quicker the more you get used to it :slight_smile:


I tend to do a Pinterest board first - so search a theme, go through all the categories & favourite & pin everything I love. Then you can move them all around on your Pinterest board to see what looks good together, & just click on those links to get straight back to the right shop to download the photo x


I do have a pinterest account but I never use it, it was just something else I didn’t have enough hours in the day for… maybe I should have another look at it :slight_smile:

Bumping this up in case there is anyone who wants to join in or needs the instructions!

I have prepared a board for this week ‘The City’, but I have just seen that Folksy’s Christmas video will be out tomorrow so I might go with sharing that and schedule my prepared post for next week while I am on holiday, as I might not have time to prepare another.


Hoping to get a chance to do board for messenger bags if anyone has one they would like me to add just let me know xx

Hi Sharon, I’ve got a little yellow messenger bag in my sale section


Sharing a Folksy Friday that’s all Cozy today!


Lovely. We need cozy at the moment! Have shared on Facebook xxx



Hi all,

Hope you’re all having a good Friday. It’s the kind of crisp cold winter day that I love today so I decided to do a cosy hats, gloves and scarves folksy Friday today!

Enjoy Lou.


Just shared this on Facebook:

Can’t get the FB tags working so I just put the Folksy links. Makers are: @Lellibellecards, @Silverhares, @JuJanihm, @beadedgarden, @AlmaCaira, @junemccabe, @Walnuttreedesigns in case they wish to share themselves.

Will put on IG shortly.

Regarding IG, I haven’t worked out how to directly share others Folksy boards on there, so I have been reposting to my story with the #folksyfriday hashtag.


Just shared on FB, will also post on Twitter and Instagram. And as I’m stuck at home today waiting for a deliver, between 9.30 and 12.30 they said!!! I’m thinking of creating a Pinterest Board to share all the lovely boards from here :smiley:

Heres mind for this week.


Thank you so much for including my chicken and egg pendant on your lovely board. Stole my chicken will be pleased!

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Thank you Louise for adding a pair of my mitts. :smiley:

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Thank you Dee, I will give it a go over the weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t do one last week and I may not be able to get one done this Friday so I’ve popped this on my blog today,
I’ll be sharing it on my facebook and twitter :slight_smile:




Thank you Jan :heart:

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