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Sewing needle case opinions

It’s very plain on the outside just stripes of ends of yarns but opens to white cotton lace and light pink lining and maroon felt leaves.
Now I’m wondering if I should do a maroon or pink applique on the front. Is the front just too plain?
The front (outside)

The inside

I don’t think it’s too plain - but I do think that it would have a more unified effect if you did put something on the front that picked up the colours on the inside. Umm - or even used a blue inner fabric instead and knitted a stripy pink cover to put on this one!

The only thing I head was some yarn that matched the felt so I used that for the loop for the button hole it, but it doesn’t really show up.

Would a pale pink and white embroidery flower around the button be an idea using lazy daisy chains as I’ve sewn a small pink one on the white lace on the back inside page.

Oh I can spot the loop now. Do you have a red button to match instead of the dark one?

might have a moroon one to go with the felt and loop :slight_smile: