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Show your Halloween items here

(Grimm Exhibition) #21

I thought of making some Halloween party invites a few years back, it never happened but I still have the image.

(Lisa Harrison) #22

Pretty pink skullies :skull::skull::skull:

(Helenbrady4) #23

newly listed for halloween range

(Minerva) #24

I have some pumpkins…

(Kelever) #25


Here are three of my Halloween pom pet critters…

(Justtosay) #26

Here is my sugar skull hanger all ready to add a little sweet spookiness to your Hallowe’en!

(Alex Edwards) #27

Hoping to sell this before the big day!

(Julie Maginn) #28

Brilliant love it all!!

(saralittlelegs) #29

Love these! so very cute! Hope they sell!
Sara The Skiving Scholar

(Claire Mead) #30

Here is my halloween apron with bats, cats, moons, pumpkins with orange ties, frill and pocket. Size is adjustable
I love Halloween

(Kate Adams) #31

Here are my Pumpkin Apple Butter Wax Melts…when you first smell them, you get the glorious aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, followed by the top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple and cherries. Finally the base notes of warm buttery vanilla kick in…really scrummy!

(Stephanie Short) #32

Halloween crafty PK

(Sally Eira) #33

(Minerva) #34

I have some knitted witch hats…

(Lisa Harrison) #35

Girly Halloween

(Sue) #36

I have some trick and treat and boo badges in my shop :jack_o_lantern:

(Emma) #37

Loving these pumpkins!

(Alex Edwards) #38

Thanks @handmadeathomebyemma :smile:

(Emma) #39

I have this ‘Boo’ bunting…

(Jan Ryan) #40

I have a Autumn Fairy Door that fits in great with a halloween theme :slight_smile: