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Show your Lavender related items

We live in stressful times and lavender is a herb that is supposed to promote calm… reduce anxiety … relieve depression… promote well being (and that’s just one aspect of it’s many virtues)

So, list your lavender related items here… and be friendly and visit the one above you.
Here’s pne of mine


That’s so pretty Julia. I love lavender and look forward to seeing what other lavender related items people have :smile:

I make birds with Kent Lavender in them:

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These might turn into lavender plants if we wait long enough, I have plenty of the real thing self seeding in the garden and the workshop is quite dirty…



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I have :

lavender owls !

Lavender bunnies !

plenty more here

I have this little fae door

We have a lavender hedge which are harvest. I make lavender bags of all descriptions and use the dried stalks with kindling in the wood burner! I make these for caravaners.

And these for smelly shoes!

I make traditional lavender bags but need to relist these.

Here’s my lavender hedge in the height of summer!


That’s a well kept lavender hedge!
My half doll pin cushions have lavender in

Crochet lavender heart… Other designs also available.
I had some of these at a craft fair last weekend and a little boy standing in front of my table told his mummy ‘I smell granny’!

Thank you Margaret…

he he… did his Mum laugh ? I would really have struggled to keep a straight face.

That’s a really neat idea crocheting a heart - look great hanging on a wall or door handle.

I’m sending you a lot of envy… I love lavender … and I love the bees that flock to it. Reminds me of warm days, which just now would be very welcome.

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What a great idea… wish I’d seen those when my daughter was little.

Lavender coloured sailing boat brooch:

She just looked at him with a puzzled face… I pointed out it might be the lavender heart. Don’t think she found it that funny, I on the other hand was in stitches!

I have these 2 lovely relaxing lavender eye pillows for yoga or when resting.
and this set of 3 lavender sachets, tied with ribbon

All made with a high quality lavender and smell amazing.

I grow my lavender on my allotment, which I then use in my lavender bags. But at this time of year, it is the knitted variety that does all the calming!