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Someone who can work with gold or copper clay/PMC

(funkycinderella) #1

I am looking for a specific pendant to be made for someone who likes gold colour not silver. This is not an original idea but I can’t find it how I want it…

I would like a heart pendant made, and within that heart pendant would be heart cut out. This heart cut out would form a charm so you would end up with a heart pendant with a heart charm that fits exactly into the heart pendant.

If you Google mother daughter necklace, a few will come up but the charms do not fit inside the pendant. This is important. It is for my Mum to wear (she lives in Australia) and my daughter would have the charm on a bracelet (she lives in the UK).

I thought art clay or PMC would work? Is there anyone out there who could help?

(Samantha Stanley) #2

Hi! You don’t have to use gold or copper clay for this-it is fairly easy to cut shapes to fit from sheet copper or gold. A gold pendant and charm would have to be hallmarked, though, because you only need to go over 1 g of the stuff for a hallmark to be mandatory. If the two pieces were separate, you would have to hallmark them both by law. If you want to use gold I would advise against gold clay as it is REALLY expensive compared to the sheet metal. Copper in all forms is relatively cheap to buy but sheet metal is always better value for money than the clay. Clay is mostly used for fingerprints, which can’t be easily reproduced using other methods, or for casting very soft or fragile items like blackberries, seed pods etc, that would be crushed flat if you tried to cast them the normal way.

Love Sam x

(Samantha Stanley) #3

I’m being quoted £ 249 + VAT + Delivery for 3 g of gold clay on the Cookson’s website at the moment, whereas 3 cm x 3 cm 1 mm thick 9 ct gold sheet works out at £121.46 + VAT + Delivery and for that you get just over 10 g of gold.

Just as a comparison 10 cm x 10 cm of 0.9 mm copper sheet (87.3 g) is £8.36 + VAT + Delivery. As clay you can get 50 g for £9.96 + VAT.

(Deborah Jones) #4

If it is a plain design it would be easy to make from sheet as Samantha said- depends really on the design you have in mind.
I work with gold (not pmc) and may be able to help , get in touch if you want to discuss design in more detail and get a quote.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

If you are after gold colour rather than actual gold it could be made it from brass sheet. A 10cm x10cm square of that on cookson’s website is £6.95 inc VAT. You could cut the inner heart out using a jig saw, by the time you had finished the edges there would be a small gap between the 2 but one would fit inside the other.

(Liz Clark) #6

Sara over at the Skiving Scholar does copper clay - she’s lovely so may be worth contacting her?
Her shop is here:

(funkycinderella) #7

Thanks so much. Lots of great advice here!
I’ve got more questions about the ideas you’ve all raised nut I’ll have a think & post again!

(Jacqueline Austen) #8

I see that a lot of very talented gold and silver smiths have already answered you - but I am also up for the challenge if you are at all interested.

Jacqueline x