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Starfish required

(Helen Dale) #1

I’m looking for a starfish for a friend who is leaving worK. I’ve seen a couple of things, but wondered what other starfish related things are out there. Looking to spend £10-20.
The starfish is particualrly relevant because, between us, we’ve been trying to influence positive change where we work. At times it’s been like wading through treacle and the following story has seemed like a good analogy…
She’s now made the decision to move on. But we all face people every day, wherever we are, who tell us we’ll never make a difference. Tell that to the starfish!
So, watcha got?

(Helen Dale) #2

Oops, that probably should have gone in the wanted category, but can’t work out how to change it now!?

(Donna) #3

I have popped it into the wanted section for you Helen :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I haven’t got any starfish for you though :frowning:
Donna x

(Christine E.) #4

I have a couple of unique brooches that feature starfish…

(Witty Dawn) #5

I’ve some starfish / fish vintage fabric - I could run up a little padded hanging heart featuring it if you’d like ? £9 Inclusive of P&P

(Funky Mosaics) #6

I could do a small square mosaic plaque featuring a starfish to hang on a wall indoors or out, or to prop on a shelf for example. Tell me which colours etc you’d like…?

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

Hi Helen how about an Art In Wax Starfish painting ?

This is an original piece of art, A5 size, I’ve popped it in a mount to show how it could look framed

It’s not in my shop at the moment but if you would like it I can list it for you.

£10 as it is, plus postage or in a cream mount with backing board attached £16 plus P&P :smile:

(Joy Salt) #8

I have a blue glass version (](

(Lorraine & Rachael Freeman) #9

I will be adding two sterling silver starfish necklaces tomorrow. One hanging from a mussel shell, the other from seaa glass x

(Helen Dale) #10

Thanks for all the help and replies everyone. Some lovely star fishy things available. I do now have something. Thank you.

(Driftingalong) #11

Hello Helen,
I see that you are looking for starfish related ideas, I make driftwood starfish, perhaps they may be of interest to you, here is the link to my page…look forward to hearing from you…
best wishes,

(Fallon1986) #12

Can make a starfish piece of jewellery or accessory for you? Just message!

(Stephanie Guy) #13

It’s a lovely idea Helen, what did you buy?