Suggestions for our Gifts for Gardeners guide please!

a flower and a (friendly) weed…

These would make a really unique gift for a gardener.

How about these?

More in my shop too!

Jacqueline x

I’ve got a whole section for cards for Gardeners. Here is a sample…

They can all be personalised.


For a female gardener

Thank you - there two of my pieces

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I’ve got some :slightly_smiling:


How about a lovely spring floral wheat bag with English lavender to warm you up after a chilly morning in the garden. (Also available without lavender)

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I have some paintings, photographs and screen prints in my shop that you can buy as they are…or as coasters and cards. For example;

Thanks for looking :slightly_smiling:

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they are lovely : )

How about this lovely hair clip?

I grew these :slight_smile: so think any gardener would appreciate them!

that joy when the first flowers start to bloom -

Grow your own strawberries (with help from bees!)

Our love-hate relationship with weeds! Dandelion in a sea of bluebells…

Hi I am submitting this little totally hand made hand stitched lie flat notebook.

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I am also suggesting this all purpose canvas bag.

How about a gift for the garden, patio or flower box to encourage the wee fairy folk. Who knows you may get some magical assistance! Have a look at my trio of fairy houses. I’m currently working on more detached versions that will add mystery, intrigue and fun to any flower bed. Made from gathered wood and barks, weather proofed with good quality Danish oil.
Mr Steve’s Fairy Houses

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For the younger gardeners