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Valentine ideas

(Anita Rose Designs) #1

Hi I know its only just January but thought I would see what ideas people had. My partner is very difficult to buy for but I still like to get a token gift that is different and not the usual chocolate!!
What valentine goodies do you have?

(Louise Flude ) #2

I have a lot of valentiney itemd in my shop:)

(Karen Ellam) #3


My Hubby is on a diet so I’m going to struggle choosing a Valentine gift for him this year.
I will closely watch this thread to find him something unique.

I have quite a few pieces of Valentines themed jewellery in my shop for the ladies :smile:


(Donna) #4

Who doesn’t love a massage? lol
Donna x

(Karen Ellam) #5

Just a couple of gift ideas :smiley:

(Hazel Rayfield) #6

My blue silhouette style paintings are proving very popular with the Guys and how about a Red Rose for us Ladies …

Each OOAK original encaustic art

Art In Wax

(Little Ramstudio) #7

Available singly or sold in a bundle of three.

(Ronald Koorm) #8

Here is a romantic colour print that I have just put on. It is also available as a handmade card.

(Anita Rose Designs) #9

What gorgeous and lovely things. I like the massage idea @ShropshireNaturalProducts and the prints Hazel and @littleRamstudio. He is a York man through and through @littleRamstudio and I love your York prints.

(Little Ramstudio) #10

Thank you :smile:
York has so much to offer to get the creative juices going, we just love it and the fabulous Yorkshire countryside too.

(Jacqueline Austen) #11

How about cuff links or a tie pin? Perfect if he works in an office or just likes to wear smart clothes on a special occasion

This is just a taste of what I have suitable as gifts for gents.

Jacqueline x

(Bobbys Boutique) #12

Or any of my picture jewellery, including cufflinks can be personalised.

In the past, I’ve used a copy of the receipt from someone’s first date, family photographs, or a copy of a child’s drawing. I’ve made necklaces, bracelets, keyrings, bag charms, cufflinks and even earrings xxx

(Anita Rose Designs) #13

Love the cufflinks @JAustenJewelleryDesign and @BobbysBoutique I shall put them on fb as I think it interest some of our followers (fingers crossed).

(Bobbys Boutique) #14

Thank you @AnitaRoseDesigns! That’s really kind of you xx

(Jacqueline Austen) #15

Thank you so much! That is fantastic! x

(Stephanie Short) #16

Just started to list my valentine cards :smile:
Steph x

(Lynn Britton) #17

Pretty button necklace with a heart

(Little Ramstudio) #18

Thank you Anita :slight_smile:

(Claire Musgrove ) #19

Little hearts to embellish your gifts…

and keyrings and lavender bags…

Claire xx

(Detola and Geek) #20