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Suggestions for our Mother's Day guides - add your items for 2019!

POST UPDATED: This year (2019) Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 31st March, so we’re putting together two gift guides: one with Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and one for Mother’s Day Cards.

Please add your suggestions for products or cards to add here. Unfortunately we can’t add everything but we will try to include as many as possible.

Thank you!


Here is 2 items of jewellery that i think would lovely Mothers Day gifts…

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A pretty clutch bag

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A few suggestions from my shop.

I have some Mother’s Day cards

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I have two sweet little pendants that would make lovely gifts.

Love Sam x

I have two scarves made of lovely, soft yarns…

And cherries bag charm…

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I have lovely Pin Cushions

Yarn Bowls
and an array of handmade wood pendants all of which any mum would be delighted to receive


Hi, a few mums have bought my geranium leaves. They are made from a real leaf that has been coated in fine silver and hardened in a kiln. The geranium leaf burns off and the veins can be seen. Hope you like it, x

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I have this little ACEO in my shop! There are other paintings which would make nice Mother’s Day gifts too, but this one is my latest:

I have some new lavender birds in my shop:

As well as:

A couple of suggestions for gifts for Mothers Day

Some everlasting flowers…
Foxgloves limited edition linocut print.

Or a pot plant that never needs watering…

Auricula limited edition linocut print.

Some lovely sunflowers:

A pretty card painted with encaustic wax:

A cupcake that won’t pile on any pounds:

Gosh, is it that time already?! Thanks for including my brooch, Camilla, but it’s been put in the “cards” guide, (also it’s sold). Perhaps this another phantom appearance in my “shop activity” - I’ve had them before…

I think there is lots in my shop for mum’s.

I better stop before I add half my shop!!