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Tell us your spooky stories?

(Donna) #1

Oh and I have been watching The Enfield Haunting for the past couple of Sunday’s and can’t wait for the final episode this week.
I was wondering if you have any true life ghost stories to tell us? :scream:

(Samantha Osmond) #2

I’ve been watching it too, shouldn’t have watched it before bedtime though, can’t wait to watch the final part, it is absolutely fascinating.
There are loads of ghost stories about my home town, lots of the shops have ghost stories. My experience involved a radio. The property wasn’t that old but it was a strange building. There was a lot of fire damage sealed up behind false walls. The stock room was the worst, no natural lighting, through the hatch in the wall there was a fire damaged section where the floor was too damaged to walk on, not a nice place to be. We all hated having to work in there, so we weren’t alone we were given a CD player.There was always lots of bumps and bangs. One morning it was my turn to go up to the stock room, we had just opened the shop, nobody had been up there and as I got to the top of the stairs I could hear voices, to my relief it was the radio. We had been told off for leaving the radio plugged in over night. I went over to turn it off and it wasn’t turned on, it wasn’t plugged in. I ran downstairs to get the manager, a very matter of fact woman, who thought I was joking. Still making a noise she checked the back assuming someone had put batteries in it, nope. I have never ran down stairs as quick as that day. No explanation and I left not long after for a new job.
Have you got a ghost story?

(Karen Ellam) #3

Ohhh now this is a subject that I find really fascinating.
I daren’t watch The Enfield Haunting. I just know I won’t sleep a wink.

I’ve had lots of ghostly experiences but never actually seen anything. It’s been sounds, senses or totally unexplained happenings.

I had a holiday in Pembrokeshire many years back with my parents and sister, my husband and young daughter. The house was in the middle of nowhere, nestled away in deep countryside right next to a cemetery :-0
So many things happened there that I’m going to struggle to tell you without writing an essay. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep a wink for a week.
Footsteps in the night (heavy boots) taps turning themselves off tight, my mum heard a horse and carriage in the early hours, knocking on doors at night, door handles rattling and the worse thing was a deep, looming, dark feeling that something or someone was with us in that house. It was freaky :0(

Another weird experience was Tutbury Castle in Burton on Trent. Phew what a place.
We were lucky to be allowed into the Kings bedroom and the atmosphere was electric. Weird unexplained drafts (room stone walled and sealed… No windows from what I remember)
The medium there said a little girl was running past me and I could feel the whoosh of cool breeze. She also said the girl knew I was a mother of a small child. She also recognised me and my friend when we went back another time. I was totally gobsmacked.
Any way I better skedaddle as I’m going to be late for work.

Karen :smiley:

(Donna) #4

That’s scary! I would have run and never gone back lol :scream_cat:
I live in Shrewsbury which is supposedly the most haunted town in England. But I’ve only ever had one experience. I was visiting Rowley’s Mansion a museum here. It was very interesting, lots of medieval stuff and exibits from Charles Darwin’s house. Not particularly spooky though. There is one room with a huge four poster bed in it, I forget the story behind the bed. I was looking around and just turned to say something to my OH when I saw a chink of light and what looked like cigarette smoke blowing through it. Still not spooky though. We looked everywhere to see if there was a gap that the light could be coming through but there was nothing. The room was totally sealed, there were no windows (so the sun wouldn’t fade the beautiful drapes) We looked round the rest of the museum and on the way out asked the lady in the gift shop if they’d ever had any reports of anything strange there, she answered straight away “was it in the room with the bed?” apparently a lady died giving birth in the bed and hs been seen in every museum the bed has been shown in :smile:

(Donna) #5

This is why I love living in my little chapel, nothing spooky ever happens here. Although I’m half convinced we have angels. We often see things moving, but only ever in reflective surfaces and of coure the cats are always watching things we can’t see. But the atmosphere here isn’t scary at all. You always feel safe when you walk through the door :smile:

(Ali Joyce) #6

My friend lives in a Victorian house. The last time I saw her she was telling me that it is haunted by an elderly lady who lived there in the 70s. The lady used to look in on her little boy when he was in bed and check that he was alright. It came to light because he kept asking my friend why she kept disturbing him at night. My friend then realised it was someone other than her going into his bedroom. She spoke to another neighbour who recognised the lady and the dress she was wearing. Apparently the lady loved children and neither my friend or her son have ever felt worried by her presence. As her son has got older, he is visited by the lady less and less. However, my friend still sees her regularly in the kitchen and dining room. She says she often chats to her. My friend’s husband has never seen the lady - he thinks they’re imagining things! I must say I’m not offering to babysit any time soon!

(Stephanie Guy) #7

I probably shouldn’t have read this thread just before bed…

(Samantha Stanley) #8

Fantastic Thread!!! I haven’t seen any ghosts myself but I’ve really enjoyed hearing all your stories. I have a few traditional ones from my home town of Weymouth though! There is a pub called The Boot which is where the Parliamentarians had their HQ on the fateful last night before they lost Weymouth to the royalists. It takes it’s name from the sound of heavy boots that can occasionally be heard tramping downstairs in the bar area after closing when nobody else is around. Another story concerns the Turberville mansion at Wool. In the 1600’s a nobleman of the family is said to have raped and murdered a local girl and was murdered himself for his crime. Members of the Turberville family are said to see the coach and horses of the man crossing the bridge to the mansion whenever bad luck is to befall the family. It is known locally as the Turberville Curse.

Love Sam x

(Brenda Cumming) #9

Load of experiences…ghosts, voices, lights, knowing what was going to happen etc etc.
Too many to tell…

(Marg) #10

I visited Brodsworth Hall, Near Doncaster, when it was first opened some years ago. In one of the bedrooms there was just a bed, this room felt really cold and spooky, I left pretty quickly as I didn’t like the feeling. My sister visited the Hall a few weeks later. She also had the same sort of spooky feelings. I do think that there are spirits who haven’t found their “destination” for want of another word and revisit where they used to live. Very scarry.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #11

A few odd things have happened. The main one I wont forget is I was sat watching Columbo(I watch him alot as he is great) and a lady in my left ear whispers “He’s lying”. Not sure if she was a fan off Columbo and was watching it with me, giving me a clue about the characters, but it was pretty clear and unforgettable.

(Ronald Koorm) #12

In my first house in West London, I was doing some rewiring of the sockets, and unbeknown to me, when I screwed back the electric socket cover to the backing box, one of the screws must have pierced the live cable insulation. It shorted the cable back to the earthed- backing-box in the wall.

I switched on the power at the consumer unit in the same room, and there was this enormous flash and a spiral of what looked like ball-lightning appeared at the socket and moved across the room at just above floor level, all in a split second.

My wife was in the room at the time.

Ball-lightning is very rare, particularly inside buildings, and I had never seen anything like it.

There was a loud bang but it seemed ages before that happened, and time stood still whilst this spiral bright ball of light, moved from left to right, and then disappeared ! I was in deep shock for the rest of the evening. I had never heard of ball-lightning, but this was caused directly by the electrical fault I had created, and the spiral of light was so bright and regular , and rotating like a catherine wheel, as it moved across the floor.

My wife cannot remember this happening, as was many years ago. I can never forget the experience. I was very careful in future, to check the cabling as I screwed back the sockets, to prevent a recurrence.

I suppose that some scientist reading this, might say it couldn’t have been ‘ball-lightning’. In that case, can someone tell me what it was ?

(Samantha Osmond) #13

I had a spooky thing happen this week, my dad thinks it can be explained by a leaky battery but I will let you decide.
Earlier this week I was woken up by my husband standing at the side of my bed trying to turn off a light that had woken him up.
Next to my side of the bed is an alcove, I’ve put shelves in the alcove for books and jewellery and some other bits and bobs. Over a year a go I received a battery operated Snow White lamp as a gift, I never use it, to be honest I forgot it had a light in it. During the night this light came on by itself. My husband was struggling to turn it off because it wasn’t turned on, he removed the batteries, problem solved. My dad told me that leaky batteries caused this problem, but who knows for sure.

(Donna) #14

My oh is a shuttering carpenter and has worked on many many electrical substations and tells me that balls of electricity happen like that from time to time, quite often accompanied by a loud bang. So what you saw was probably a type of ball lightning :smile: