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The TV has gone on the blink!

I can’t believe it! I’m off work from my day job for a week and our TV has gone on the blink.

We google the flashing red light fault code and apparently one of the capacitors on a small board has gone doolally! Aparently you can replace the capacitor with a new one (it’s tiny so will require a magnifying glass) and the TV should be okay. Maplins sell the required part for 89p or less and it could be a really cheap fix.

Do I put my soldering skills to the test?

Go for it, Christine!
A couple of months ago, we thought we needed to get someone in to fix a couple of burners on our gas hob.
I googled it and found we could easily fix the problem by sticking a large sewing needle in a hole… :slight_smile: Great money saving tip, what did we do before Google?
The TV problem sounds a little bit trickier, though!

If you’re a dab hand with the soldering iron (which I’m sure you are) then just go for it

I’d give it a go, if it’s an easy fix you will save yourself loads, make sure you keep us updated. :smile:

Go for it :slight_smile:

The capacitors have gone on my TV twice over the years and I just bought the replacement mother board on ebay for approx £20 and replaced it.

I didn’t trust my soldering skills, so just replaced the whole board. If you do mess up, you can just buy the replacement board from ebay or a tv spares place.

I guess for such a cheap fix, you’ve got nothing to lose so may as well go for it. I’ve just checked out your shop - it’s lovely!

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Unfortunatey the board on our tv wasn’t the same as the photos I’d found (it was replaced under guarantee 2 years ago when it went pop) so I can’t replace the capacitor. We’ve googled the board and are going to buy a refurbished one from Ebay for about £40 and replace the whole board.

I’m going to bring my multimeter home from work and I’ll test all the componants on the dead board to try and find out which componant has gone and see if I can replace that part and hopefully we will have a spare board if it goes again.

Our googling has revealed there is a known problem with Panasonic TVs power supply boards although Panasonic aren’t recognising there is a problem and aren’t taking any resonsibility for it. It’s not good really as this TV has broken twice with issues on the power supply board and we’ve only had it 3 years.