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The wildlife is invading!

I feel like Dr Doolittle at the moment because the animals seem to be drawn to me or at least our business…

It all started last week when Nicola found a hoglet hedgehog under our work bench (we do the majority of our metal work in the lean to attached to her house). He/she is very sweet so we put some food out in the garden for our new mascot.

Then yesterday while I was doing our promotion and marketing two sparrows flew into our livingroom and perched themselves on the beanbag chair by the door poking their cheeky beaks around until the dog has seen them off (one went in such a panic that he bounced into the window - he was fine and flew off).

Then today it’s butterflies while I’m updating some Folksy listings! I swear if I make a cuppa and find a deer or bunny in my house I’ll give him a duster and see if he’ll clean our house Snow White style LOL

Anyone else being stalked by wildlife?


On Monday I had a pigeon come and sit on my doorstep poking his head in the back door and yesterday morning a tiny mouse popped into my front room to scare me then he run back out lol. We think he got in the the air brick but haven’t seen him since and we have such a small front room that there’s not really anywhere for it to hide.


Managed to snap this picture of the cheeky sparrow


Pigeons are so brazen aren’t they?!

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They are. I’ve had magpies sit on the doorstep too in the past or sit on the window seal tapping the window :blush:

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Our dog sees magpies off, they stole a blackbird chick from a nest in our garden last year and the noise made as the parent blackbirds tried to save their baby was horrendous. Jasper must remember because he’s taken a dislike to them ever since although he’ll happily sit in the garden with the pigeons and sparrows etc.

My dog was never bothered by birds, but then she was never bothered with cats either! She did chase flies though :blush:

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awww bless, we had a little back and white bunny escape into our back garden yesterday, it took four of us to corner it.

I was alerted because Garrett the dog was standing on the patio barking as he’d seen it. He clearly had no intention of getting close to it. He nearly knocked me over as he ran back inside still barking.

It took 4 of us to corner and catch it. It had dung under the fence from our Nepalise neighbours garden. The little girl said, 'She’s the naughty rabbit, she escapes, her sister is the good rabbit, then she said ‘we don’t eat them and we don’t eat dogs like the chinese’

Oh mice in the house not good that’s happened here before tiny little brown mice bought in by next doors cat. They poo and wee continually all over the place unlike rats.

I would suggest putting down some little traps with something sweet in it and then releasing them someplace else. Ours where taken back to the woods/health land.

We’ve not had deer thankfully but we have had foxes in my compost heap, they dung a den in it one night.

We’ve had the big toad hop into the conservatory along with butterflies and bees

Oh carol snap about magpies tapping on windows, I thought the ones that used to tap on our bedroom window where just strange. I didn’t know it was a magpie thing.

We get the sparrow hawk that dive bombs you when working in the veggie plot. He uses you as flying practice ie how close can he fly to you without hitting you.

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Wow you have a right collection of wildlife! I love that your neighbour felt the need to clarify that the bunny was a pet and not dinner LOL!

I’ve had various birds come down the chimney before now - pigeons and thrushes, never seems to be anything small! The house I just moved from had hundreds of little frogs in the garden and occasionally a couple would hop into the house! When I lived in London my cat bought me home a rat once, still alive - wasn’t impressed!

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Urgh frogs…They’re the one animal I will run from. I could quite happily cope with the rat but not the frogs! I dread the day when one of my future children walks in and shouts “mommy I caught a frog- come see!” lol

We had a Blue tit in the bedroom one morning. We think it must have come in through the bathroom window the day before and been hiding in there overnight. I got up the next morning and went into the bathroom and then back to bed, leaving both bathroom and bedroom doors open. A few minutes later it came flying in through the bedroom door. It was clearly terrified - poor little thing. We opened the window as wide as we could and it flew out.

We also had a frog jump in through the French windows of our back room and startle my daughter who jumped a mile and spilled hot tea all down her legs! Not a good story for you @VioletJewellery :grin:

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I’d have been on the opposite side of the house within seconds! Lol

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