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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve for St Valentines Day

(Samantha Stanley) #1

I thought I would start a Valentines Day hearts thread as Folksy already has a Valentines roses thread today. So wear your hearts on your sleeve and show them off…

Love Sam x

(Amberlilly) #2

My felt heart bunting/garland.
I really like these, made a couple, I kept one, sold one and this one is left!

(Emma Rogerson) #3

My hearts ‘one in a million’ card is eprsonalised for the one you love!
Emma x

(Stephanie Short) #4

I’ve loads of hearts!!

Steph x

(Anita Rose Designs) #5

A red heart for Valentines

(Louise Foot) #6

I’ve a few valentines themed soaps. Here is just one

(Chris Brooks) #7

Heart earrings, the perfect valentine gift, a big selection in my shop.

(Elaine) #8

Valentine heart “wishes” brooch:

and hearts keyring:

(Lucy Abrams) #9

Here’s one of my Valentine’s cards. :smile:

(Kim Blythe) #10


(Minerva) #11

Knitted heart with stitched beads. Ideal as a handbag charm or ornament.

(Cheeky Sewet Sew) #12


(Sue Beacham) #13

(Heartfelt Ideas) #14

(Heidi Meier) #15

I finished some new heart cards yesterday and here is my favourite Valentine one:

(Oh Button Me) #16

Hanging hearts

(Rosie Wells) #17

I have quite a few hearts :blush: here’s a few of them…

(20th Century Girl) #18
Hang it in the window for the world to see!

(Amberlilly) #19

(Stephanie Short) #20

Gingham heart notebooks

Steph x