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So we’ve just cancelled our Moonfruit package whilst we consider where to host our website for the next year and I’m so stuck!

Please can people send me links to their websites and tell me who you use? I’m tempted for Create but I’m not sold on the fact there’s only a few templates.

Thanks in advance!


Ooh I’ll be interested in this too.

My website is it’s very basic, just a blog with links out to various other places including here. I bought the name from 123 and host it for free on google through blogspot.

I use a company called NamesCo. It’s about £110+Vat for the year, which includes SiteMaker Pro, their software for creating your own website and hosting. Looking at their website though I think I’m on an old package and may consider upgrading at some point.

This is my website, which needs a bit of a revamp I think. I wanted something clean and easy for people to navigate to get the info they want. NamesCo do have templates you can use, but I did mine from scratch.

I use a company called Golden Rooster Media which you can find at They have a very easy website builder, and all the features that I need for a professional shop that integrates with social media and works on mobiles etc. I can manage mine quite easily now

I used create for a while but the lack of templates put me right off too, I just couldn’t get it to do what I wanted. At the moment I’m using wordpress - just the basic so I’m only paying to link the domain name - which means that visitors may occasionally see ads at the foot of the page but as I don’t use the blog I’m not sure that happens anyway? Here if you want to have a look - let me know if you spot any ads please!


Hello Helen, I have just taken a look at your website…No ads. Really like your work. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Gloria!
In that case, I recommend wordpress for a basic website, loads of templates to choose from. Gets a bit more complicated I think if you want to sell from your website, I just link to my shop.

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