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What are you making on this rainy day?

It’s chucking it down here - as it is in most of the country !

Are you crafting today ? I’ve just put together a cushion sized piece of patchwork . Partly to use up some odd hexie pieces and also as a product photo for one of my listings (amongst other things I sell hexie packs for upto 40cm square cushions made with vintage fabric )

What are you making today ?


Not crafting so far today as today is the day to take the decorations down…then I’m making a curry for dinner. I did make a mini pair of oven gloves yesterday, they are for my granddaughter to go with a play kitchen she got for Christmas…here is a picture of them next to some full sized ones…


those are SO cute !

Thank you…I can’t wait to give them to her, hopefully I will see her in the week. At the moment she keeps pinching her mums!
By the way, I love you Hexi piece…you must have lots of patience!


I’m a bit addicted to hexie quilting in front of TV on rainy days ! I must get around to finishing this one sometime though!


Got my stamps out today

Started experimenting with some hat making - got to be patient now and wait for them to dry before I can finish them off (patience is not my best virtue!)


I’m making merry, because i’m on my holibobs! !
But it’s raining here in Portugal too! Lovely to have some time to enjoy a browse on Folksy.


I’m making a hat for myself for a change. I love hats and never go long without making one. I’ve been knitting socks for my husband and myself over Christmas. Back to stocking up Proggy and Tweed from tomorrow, though.


Gorgeous colour combination!

Thank you @RavelloDesigns

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Ive been sewing skirts for these little ladies.

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Have been working on my range of bits aimed more at men.

Finishing off my latest with some doggy style! Lol!

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Love that fabric colour combo, Kim, will you show us the finished article?
Suzzie x

Yes, I certainly will, @thistledownandHOPE

I’m still working on my Valentine cards, my paper mache box and later this evening I’ll curl up in front of the TV and try to finish this crochet blanket for my brother.

I love these mini oven gloves .You should sell them for children here on Folksy!

Thank you @clarkiedesigns …I did think about it, but wasn’t sure about regulations etc. would they be seen as a toy? I have made them like proper oven gloves, with insulating wadding, but not sure where I would stand if a child tried to use them with something hot…