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Where to update your bank card?

Hi all,
As you are aware august is the time for receiving your brand new replacement bank card,
The problem is whereabouts do I update it on both folksy and Stripe! Going round and round in circles on Stripe as no idea where to put it.

Aren’t they connected to a bank account rather than a specific card? Or is this for when you’re paying others?

Folksy doesn’t store your card details - the direct debit for plus accounts is linked to your bank account not a specific card. Stripe is linked to your bank account so would only need updating if you moved bank accounts rather than when you get a new card for the same account. Paypal would store card details for when you are making payments so they would need changing but since you don’t mention them I’m assuming you’ve managed to do that one.

I’m not on plus as seem to sell one per year