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Who keeps a journal / diary?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I used to for many years but the last few I’ve only kept an appointment diary.

However I do keep a Gardening Journal. I’ve been doing so since 2009.

(Juniper Spools) #2

It is something that I have always faniced doing, especailly when I see the lovely covers for sale on Folsky, but I never seem to have the time or organisational skills. I managed to keep books about my little girls for the first few years which was quite an achievement for me. I am more of a scraps of paper note taker or if being really organised I make notes of key events on my calendars.

(Christine Shephard) #3

Only when I’m travelling. I tend to go on long, overland trips and ‘adventure’ holidays to wonderful (and sometimes weird!) places, and it’s so easy to forget places, names, and odd occurrences. I also take hundreds of photos, so it acts as a reference back to those too. They’re great to look back on when I get itchy feet but can’t afford another trip.

(Joy Salt) #4

I keep a diary when we travel as we go to so many places, especially in the motorhome we wouldn’t remember otherwise where we’ve been.
. Used to just write (as in digital) and add photos then turn it into a travel report for my personal webpage.
Now I do a travel blog - still trying to find time to do the last day of our Vietnam trip and would have had time I suppose if I didn’t take my ‘glass work’ breaks in this forum.

Oh and I see I haven’t added the link to our September 2013 blog to my travel page either.
PS: Well I’ve at least managed to get that little job done - Links to my 2 latest trips added to my Travel page.

(Margaret Jackson) #5

I have done for the past 20 years or so but have given up this year, just too busy to keep a diary now!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Margaret I know what you mean. I’ve even given up my crafting diary

(Kylie Tilley) #7

I used to keep one, now i just have an art journal for college

(Leanne Oughton) #8

For the past couple of years i’ve had a diary and wrote in it every single day without fail. Didn’t decide to do one this year, but its interesting looking back at the ramblings of 16-year-old me!

Leanne x x

(Miss Dani Crafts) #9

I have always wanted to, every year i start one and then forget all about it. I always remember reading the Adrian Mole books and regret it as our house was like a mad house growing up, it would of been great if i had stuck to a diary then to read back my thoughts on all my brothers and sister lol. I have come across some stunning notebooks and diaries on Folksy though. I may give it another go even if i do miss a few day. It could be a diary of highlights from my life rather than a daily thing haha :smiley:

(Jan Ryan) #10

I keep one but it’s more a journal than a daily diary, sometimes I don’t write in it for a couple of weeks (or longer) then I do a highlight catch up.

Jan x