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Why bother getting it right?

I was waiting for a delivery today from John Lewis- as Folksians may know from my previous posts, my address isn’t the easiest to find, but as they had my phone number and my email address I was reassured that they may even try this time to deliver to correct place-

Nah… I checked online to find it had been signed for by someone unknown and left at a nearby address that could have been one of three, so I had to get in my car and drive around until I found it :rage:

When I contacted the company they are not in the least bit perturbed, because even though the parcel had to be signed for- it only had to be signed for by someone with the same postcode!!! absolutely incredible!!!

Maybe we should all adopt this slap happy attitude - what do you reckon?

(sorry about all the exclamation marks, my bp is up again)

BTW- it was dpd.

That’s unbelievable - doesn’t strike me as very good security or service - I’m happy to sign for a package if its addressed to someone I know but if I don’t know them the the parcel man can go away and try again.

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If we take a parcel in for any of our neighbours the courier puts a card through the correct address to let them know where they have left the parcel.

Your experience is unbelievable with a company such as John Lewis, they should have a better delivery system in hand. Glad you got your item eventually.

@SashaGarrett - I know, couldn’t believe dpd’s attitude- then I looked on Trustpilot.

@memicrafts -Yes in the 2nd reply they told me that John Lewis were ok about a different person’s signature for the parcel as long as the postcode was the same. I’m sure John Lewis don’t agree to any such thing but I haven’t contacted them as yet.

I usually click and collect but for some reason it wasn’t available on this order.

How ridiculous is that - you must be fuming. I would be interested to hear what John Lewis think of this.

I don’t think it is just dpd who could benefit from an attitude realignment with regard to delivering to the right person. I had a ‘sorry you were out’ card from the royal mail earlier this year but the postcode and person’s name on it weren’t for me or my house (the house number was mine), since I had to go and pick up a parcel at the depot that day anyway I took the card with me and asked what could be done about it (it was a special delivery so obviously important). The reply ‘oh just ignore it’. Sorry chaps not in my nature having had the hassle of having to track down an incorrectly addressed parcel in the past so when on my way home I spotted our postie still on his rounds I collared him about it and together we figured out where it should be delivered to. At least he understood the importance of someone getting their special delivery. I know it wasn’t RM’s fault that it had the wrong house number on it but they could be a touch more proactive about getting to the right address when it is pointed out to them.


My husband had a new phone delivered to a house that we hadn’t lived in for 17 years. The phone company said they had changed his delivery address to the correct one but it still went to the wrong one. Luckily he got an email saying what address it had been signed for at, so I had to get in my car and go and rescue it. It was only a couple of miles away so we were lucky to get it. The phone company wasn’t bothered that this had happened.

That means my next door neighbour can’t sign. They are the other half of our semi but we are the point of a triangle so they are on one road and we are on another and therefore have different postcodes. That’s a very silly rule anyway…