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Will soon be unable to link Instagram shopping products to websites we don’t own i.e Folksy


I’ve been seeing pop up from Instagram saying something about you won’t be able to link products from websites that aren’t your own - like Folksy for example!

Has anyone seen this too?

My Facebook and Insta shop all link back to products from both Folksy and the other side(E***) it’s the only place where I can have all my products together and find it really useful.

Apparently there’s a work around for E*** as each shop has a unique url such as www.bowerbirdjewellery.e***.com/listings etc and I was wondering if @folksycontent or @Folksyadmin know about this new thing and have any suggestions?

I’m also a bit confused about the whole thing, to be honest!!!

Cheers, Amanda

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There has been a thread on the clubhouse over on facebook for a while about this. I’ve tried reformatting my folksy url to but I couldn’t get the catalogue upload to FB to work with the url in that format (works fine with the format). The etsy work round involves them giving everyone a unique code to enter somewhere and that has probably required a much bigger development team to sort out than Folksy has. I’m sure they are working on it but it might take a while.


Ooh I missed that on the Facebook page!!

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Always messing with something on there. They probably want us to use FB shopping.

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Well I think I have them linked up?

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Doug has been working on a fix for this and thinks he’s got somewhere. So we’ll hopefully have that in place next week - fingers crossed!


Wow, Thanks!

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@folksy - any news on this or did I miss it?!


I did not link for this reason but would love to. Come on Doug we are routing for you!


Are we any closer to having this sorted?

It would be great Carol. I have got to that stage where they ask for the Folksy domain and I am stuck.


I’ve got my metatag, there just needs to be somewhere on folksy I can put it.

I’ve linked my own website (which I don’t have an ecommerce platform on yet) and I just add the link for my Folksy listing and so far it’s still working?!? Not sure if they just haven’t got round to my Instagram account yet though?

If you click on my shop button on Instagram there’s all my folksy items but I can’t tag the photos with the products.