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Would love to shake things up!

(Nobias Art) #1

I was very sad for a long time about my Folksy shop, that is not going from step 1 to step 2, rather one step backwards, but I after stressing a lot about it, I realized that is no help. I joined about 15 months ago, had a few sale but nothing in the last 6 months. I was listing, relisting but slowly I just let it go, to keep my sanity :slight_smile:
I came to the realization that I won’t close my shop in here, since I still got around 700 business card with my folksy shop on it, but I just have a revamp. I am offering 15% off on everything until the 1st of June, hoping to raise some money for my new ideas I have in mind :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what tags/keywords could I use on Instagram or Folksy so admins would find my sale and maybe mention in one the platform?

Many thanks everyone :slight_smile: and have a great night!


(Rachel) #2


I just #folksyshop and #folksyhq but I dont know how to ensure admin see these posts. Rachel

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(Natalie Franca) #3

Hiya, I use the following with the hashtag:


My post just went weird when I put the hashtags on the above! Maybe because I’m on my phone.


(JollySmall) #4

In addition to the ones Natalie has listed I also use
I remember reading to use this on something I read once

(JollySmall) #5

Not sure why I lost the last the hashtag and also why the type went big - I’m on my iPad

(Nobias Art) #6

I said admins in my main post, but I would be super glad if anyone would find my small folksy shop and bring some views/sales/customers in :slight_smile:

(Nobias Art) #7

LOL, no worries :slight_smile: I will figure it out, thank you Di Xx

(Nobias Art) #8

Thank you Natalie a lot for the suggestions :slight_smile: Will try them out now :smiley:

(Nobias Art) #9

Oooh yeah I have seen the hellofolksy before, but totally forgot about it so this reminder was greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you Di again Xx

(JollySmall) #10

I’ve just found you on Instagram so started following you!
Di :grinning:

(Natalie Franca) #11

You’re welcome :blush: I just found you on Instagram xx

(Rachel) #12

Sorry just edited my post to say DONT know how to let admin see my posts on instagram - sorry

(Nobias Art) #13

Thank you very much Di :slight_smile: I try to find you now as well, will look back the followers :smiley: