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Zip question

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Is it accetable to put a zip in a dress for a 1 year old.
Ive had a look around but can only see tings like buttons on kids clothes. But for a worn out parent I would have thought a zip would be a welcome addition to any kids clothing.
Are zips considered dnagerous for kids clothes?

(Melanie Commins) #2

I’ve seen toddler clothes with zips in. They usually have some sort of arrangement at the zipper end that tucks in so that it doesn’t scratch and is harder for inquisitive little fingers to undo.

(Kathelle MacLeod) #3

You get fleece babygros with zips from newborn - they tend to be the plastic ones and as Melanie said, there’s a cover for the top part of the zip and a wee popper flap to stop the older ones opening them :slight_smile: Personally, I prefer poppers but it depends where the zip would be placed - poppers work much better on jackets for example as the zip just ends up poking baby’s face as you can never do them all the way up without nearly choking baby… but as i say it all depends where it’s going :slight_smile: x

(Kathelle MacLeod) #4

Of course if I’d read the question properly… yes, I think that should be fine as long as it’s not too long and the wee one would be comfortable lying on it when having a nap (ie not too chunky a zip) The older they get, the faster the changing needs to be haha! x x

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

Thanks for your replies. The zip would be at the back. I tend to go for plastic rather than metal as they look nicer.

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

I had a look at the pattern last night and the opening gap is only about 4inches long so I may just leave it open and have a button with elastic loop at the top.