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25% Off Art In Wax Today ...... I'm trying out the new discount code - Today only Art Shopping Event

Great that we have the new facility for giving coupons / discount codes now on Folksy …

So I thought I would give it a try … anyone fancy a discount on Art In Wax - Today only :slight_smile:

Art In Wax : One Day Art Shopping Event
Claim a discount of 25% on your order Today from my Folksy shop just enter the code : ARTINWAXSHOPPING at checkout.

No Minimum order
Enter the coupon code at checkout on the Art In Wax Folksy shop for an automatic 25% discount. This code only applies when you shop via my Folksy shop, code valid Today only 12.11.14 and ends at midnight Wednesday 12.11.14

Happy Shopping today :slight_smile:


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That sounded like a challenge to me, to try out the new facility!
I’ve just bought myself another gorgeous sunset picture! :smile:

btw, the discount code works brilliantly!

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WOW Thank you Margaret … this is fun :slight_smile:

That one is such a beautiful painting too … wait til you see it in person the photo doesn’t do it justice …

I love the combination of the sunset and the flowers in this one. I have some of your sunsets on my walls already and love them all. I’ll have to find a space for this one now! :smile:

Its on its way …

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I’m also trying out the new discount code. It’s valid up to the 22nd November due to having a craft fair on 23rd and some of my items are due to de-list very shortly, so I thought rather than de-listing it would be better to try and sell them.
“Get 10% OFF by using discount code XMAS2014 until 22.11.2014”

Hope it goes well for you too Pauline :slight_smile:

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Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope you do well from yours too.

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Thanks Pauline just had another person use my code :slight_smile:

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Still time to use the offer code …

Ends at midnight :slight_smile:

Well I would say that was a success :slight_smile:

One customer had an issue paying but we have sorted that out direct so all in all I’m liking this new facility thank you Folksy :slight_smile: @sianfolksy @Folksycontent