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9th April Camberley Baby & Children's Market

9th April 10am to 1pm at Heatherside Community Centre - GU15 1BB
DominkyKids will be selling and advertising there
Fb event -

Follow us please :slight_smile:

I used to play badminton there, I only live in Camberley and have not seen any advertising for this event. Doesn’t seem to be that well advertised so I doubt it will be that well attended. :frowning:

What if any other advertising has been done besides a facebook page that only those who know about the page will have seen.

I see it’s geared to jumble sale stalls (pre owned) so won’t potential customers be looking for cheap rather than quality handmade???

Bit confused by the facebook advertising as to is the target market it’s aiming at. Is it the potential customer looking for a cheap bargin or targeting those looking for quality gift items?

I’m even more confused now as I’ve re read the facebook bit it looks like it’s a baby and childrens fun type entertainment day with some pre owned/jumble type stalls at £10 a stable and maybe some traders.

It’s a bit confused so will it be aimed at fun time for babies and little ones with the hope parents might buy a child/baby item???

This event is advertised mainly in local nurseries, all stalls are fully booked for this events in Camberley, and they had a very good footfall of potential buyers as well previously. It is for pre loved, craft and business baby products & obviously parents come with their children, so there has to be some entertainment for the youngsters as well. As I have attended few events before I find them well organised and full of great sellers and plenty of potential buyers.

Ahhh right got you, thank you for explaining as I was a bit confused.